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Poll: Re-Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Leotard 2011 (multi choice)

I made this poll @05-May-2011, but since Zhenya wears two more new leotards, then let’s re-start to vote your favorite Zhenya leotard 2011! Again, no limits!!! you can choose all love all her 2011 leotards. For me, I love all … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: There are no victories without defeats (Interview Video after EC Minsk 2011)

Despite 3 gold medals, Evgenia Kanaeva was not satisfied with her performance @EC Original video link: click here Full English translated by Tatiana, BIG BIG THANKS!!!! <333

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To: Zhenya, Chopin Ribbon Will be Remembered Forever!

Dear Zhenya, Congratulations for your medals @EC-Finals and team competition. Life occured accidents sometimes, so don’t be upset or feel sad. Everyone will make mistakes, no one can be perfect all the times. I think you know this rules clearly yourself. … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva-BEST Routine of the Day-Ribbon Final-WC Corbeil-Essonnes 2011-NTV coverage

Big Thanks gabber83 for recording the video!!! The last Routine of the Day and the BEST Routine of the Day!!!!!! and the other three!!!

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“Well for me, Zhenya is an artist…” my French friend Catherine’s impression about Zhenya’s performance @Corbeil 2011

(photo by RC, click “here“) Dear All, My French friend Catherine wrote me a letter yesterday to express her impression about Zhenya’s performance @WC Corbeil 2011! Her words is really nicely and touch me A LOT! So I ask her … Continue reading

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News Video translation: Zhenya Kanaeva and Russian RG National Team are preparing for EC Minsk 2011

Original video link: click here English translated by Tatiana! BIG BIG THANKS!!! In the morning hours gym of Novogorsk training center was filled with music at one moment and with silence at another moment,

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莫忘初衷 Some words to Zhenya before EC Minsk 2011…

既然明天要搬家, 現在房間裡亂七八糟, 一時半刻還不能睡, 就寫點東西吧…

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Announcement: Photographers’ copyright!

Dear all: From now on, I won’t post photographers’ photos (such as Tom, Barny, Oleg, Dan etc…) to my photobucket account, and will only post ZKG art design pictures and some media news photos, everyone can find RG photographers’ photos @their … Continue reading

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Russian EC News translation: Kanaeva, Kondakova and Dmitrieva will perform at the rhythmic gymnastics EC – Viner declared

( photo by Dan Pickard @GP Thiais 2011 AA) Original news link: English translated by Tatiana (Billion Thanks!!!) and a video news report by TV Russian 2: (will translate the whole video later)  

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27th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships Minsk 2011 (with photos slide show)

(video @my vimeo channel) Big Thanks Spanish friend Minerva sharing with me Spanish TV video Tudou: Evgenia Kanaeva-Clubs-Final-EC Minsk 2011-Spanish TV @my vimeo channel Big Thanks Spanish friend Minerva sharing with me Spanish TV video 00:07-00:26 Zhenya’s Mom Svetlana <333 Tudou: … Continue reading

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