To: Zhenya, Chopin Ribbon Will be Remembered Forever!

Dear Zhenya,
Congratulations for your medals @EC-Finals and team competition. Life occured accidents sometimes, so don’t be upset or feel sad. Everyone will make mistakes, no one can be perfect all the times. I think you know this rules clearly yourself. And you know the results and the medals are not the most important things. The most important is your routine, Can it touch the audiences. Can it be rememered in audiences’ mind even for just few minutes, it’s also a wonderful thing! Not to mention your Chopin ribbon, so many people admire it and amazed by your performance! The artistry, your expression, the music, your movement and skills…so delicate and precious. One of my friends said to me, in her opinion, Chopin ribbon is the BEST ribbon routine for last 10 years. and another friend Catherine-a French girl she was in Corbeil and Thiais this year, she presented you a very beautiful drawing as your birthday gift @GP Thiais, she said she will remember your Chopin ribbon, your brilliant, fantastic, and incredible ribbon performance @WC Corbeil FOREVER!!!

Catherine also wrote a very nice impression about your Chopin ribbon in Corbeil
Well for me, Zhenya is an artist…
See! This is the most important thing, people remebered your routine!!! and your performance touched them  A LOT!!!. Me too, even I still haven’t the oppurtunity to watch your Chopin ribbon live, but just watch the video, I am touched deeply EVERYTIME and of course I will remember it FOREVER!

A big event in first half of this year had finished, take a good rest and then go further, get good ready for World Championships Montpellier!!! Go Davai Allez Vamos 加油!!!

May you have a good day,

God Bless You and Your family, say hi for me to your lovely Mom Svetlana

with Love from Taiwan

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