News Video translation: Zhenya Kanaeva and Russian RG National Team are preparing for EC Minsk 2011

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English translated by Tatiana! BIG BIG THANKS!!!

In the morning hours gym of Novogorsk training center was filled with music at one moment and with silence at another moment, which was disturbed from time to time by the sounds of apparatuses.  Two representatives of national team Daria Dmitrieva and Evgeniya Kanaeva perfectly got along together with each other during training at the same carpet. Programs to be presented at the European Championship are being perfected that’s why any mistake was taken badly.

00:29 Vera Shtelbaums: “It’s over, it’s over.  Let’s finish”

Irina Viner: “Zhenechka she is a woman. Sometimes all that negative emotions which were accumulating inside are released with tears”.

Evgeniya Kanaeva: “It happens sometimes that not everything goes smooth, and moreover I’m tired. But I have to go through it, I have to endure it. Let’s hope everything will be fine”

Daria Dmitrieva didn’t respond immediately to Evgeniya’s emotional outburst saving her words for better moment. The conversation tet-a-tet in the room where they live together will be more efficient.

Daria Dmitrieva: “It’s a pity of course. I understand why it happens. Zhenya understands that it’s important. She cries because it’s hard. But after we cry of happiness and joy. And I support her and say  “Go, Zhenya! Hold on!”. But she knows it perfectly herself, she knows she needs it. But sometimes it’s too much pressure”

There is a mutual understanding inside the team and everyone has gotten his own role.

Irina Viner: “No doubts that Zhenya is our leader. She won the right to perform all 4 routines. Next is Kondakova who will perform 3 routines. Dmitrieva is 3rd number of our team; she won this place in competition with Lukonina and Merkulova. ”

Daria Dmitrieva will be presenting ball routine at the EC in Minsk; it’s her favorite apparatus.

Daria Dmitrieva: “Yes, ball is my favorite apparatus. My 1st successful achievement was with ball at the World Championship”

Leader of the team Evgeniya Kanaeva doesn’t have favorite apparatus. She raised the difficulty of all her routines.

Irina Viner: “What is so difficult in Kanaeva’s routine? *The most difficult aspect of in Zenya’s programme is its unity. Perhaps the elements she performs are not as difficult as those performed by Kabaeva or by Chaschina, but what is the her greatest strength is the excellent transition and interconnection between the separate elements (* I colored this part red because this part I took from youtube; it’s translated by rgyminfo; it’s very good interpretation of this sentence; just this one 🙂 ).

By words of Viner gymnasts from Belarus will receive support and strength competing at home. Our gymnasts can only rely on their own strength and abilities.

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3 Responses to News Video translation: Zhenya Kanaeva and Russian RG National Team are preparing for EC Minsk 2011

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Tanya! I totally agree with you the red part, the rgyminfo’s translation is really very good! and Viner’s comment about Zhenya’s programme is soooo true and interpret perfectly!!!

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    You are welcome Catherine! and actually Thanks to Tatiana!!! 😀

  3. CathGR says:

    Thank you Zoe !

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