Poll: Re-Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Leotard 2011 (multi choice)

I made this poll @05-May-2011, but since Zhenya wears two more new leotards, then let’s re-start to vote your favorite Zhenya leotard 2011! Again, no limits!!! you can choose all love all her 2011 leotards.

For me, I love all her 2011 leotards, except the new hoop black one, but the problem is not the color, at first I thought it’s all black with a little blue on the middle, because the first two photos I saw doesn’t show this leotard clearly…and then I watched video, ohhh it’s transparent, looks like she wears a black under-wear inside…sorry this is beyond my limit, I am an old fashion person, I can’t accept this kind design…the previous blue one is better and suit more her hoop routine…and my favorite: ribbon, clubs-purple and ball, right now I love her ball leotard very much <333
Zhenya leotards photos slide show

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1 Response to Poll: Re-Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Leotard 2011 (multi choice)

  1. Oldfield says:

    1) Hoop-black
    2) Ribbon
    3) Ball, and Clubs-black and red
    4) Hoop-blue
    5) Clubs-purple

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