Russian EC News translation: Kanaeva, Kondakova and Dmitrieva will perform at the rhythmic gymnastics EC – Viner declared

( photo by Dan Pickard @GP Thiais 2011 AA)
Original news link:
English translated by Tatiana (Billion Thanks!!!)

and a video news report by TV Russian 2: (will translate the whole video later)  

Moscow, May 20th – Ria News. Evgeniya Kanaeva, Daria Dmitrieva and Daria
Kondakova will perform at the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championship as was
stated to “Р-Спорт” agency by head coach of Russian national team Irina Viner.

European competition will be taking place in Minsk from May 27th to May 29th. “Dmitrieva
was injured but she has completely recovered. She performed very well at the WC in France.  But she will present just one routine at the EC. To regret we have only 8 routines for all girls. Of course Evgeniya Kanaeva will be performing 4 routines (full program). Kondakova will perform 3 routines since next year European Championship will have only AA program. Only 2 gymnasts per country will participate and only those ones who
ranked from 1st to 12th places. That’s why we have to give Dmitrieva just 1 routine so that girls will be able to get to the EC next year”. – Viner explained. By the words of head coach of Russian national team another gymnast Aleksandra Merkulova “is not ready yet to compete with these “sharks””. “She is trying but it is not easy. Besides, we have Yana Lukonina and another nice girl Rita Mamun. These are gymnasts who wish to “tear apart””.

Viner also said that only junior teams will compete in group competition at the EC. “They
were preparing under direction of Inna Bystrova in Saint Petersburg during whole year. By the way Saint Petersburg didn’t declare rhythmic gymnastics as base sport of its region in spite of having 4-times Universiade Champions, The Olympic Champion among juniors, rhythmic gymnastics sports palace “Жемчужина” (Pearl) ”. We are trying to change this kind of attitude”, – Viner said.

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4 Responses to Russian EC News translation: Kanaeva, Kondakova and Dmitrieva will perform at the rhythmic gymnastics EC – Viner declared

  1. Laura says:

    GO GO!! Good luck Zhenya!!
    ¡¡ Muchísima suerte !!
    Davaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!! =)

  2. Michel says:

    Viel Glück Jewgenija, ich drück’ dir die Daumen! (Good luck Evgeniya, I cross my fingers for you!)

  3. Oldfield says:

    Good luck, Zhenya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ana says:

    Davai Zhenya!!!!

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