“Well for me, Zhenya is an artist…” my French friend Catherine’s impression about Zhenya’s performance @Corbeil 2011

(photo by RC, click “here“)
Dear All,
My French friend Catherine wrote me a letter yesterday to express her impression about Zhenya’s performance @WC Corbeil 2011! Her words is really nicely and touch me A LOT! So I ask her can I post her very good words here, in ZKG…She says “YES” here you are Catherine’s impression, Billion Thanks Catherine!!! <333

In a few words : Zhenya was really really amazing ; I never saw a french competition with this enthousiasm for her. There was a lot of emotions. Her last ball and ribbon were wonderfull and gave me shivers. After her ribbon, the last routine of all the competition, the crowd can’t stop to applause her and she stayed a long time under the acclamations obviously touched by it too.Well for me, Zhenya is an artist. I was not sure she felt well the music but this 2011 routines proved me she does. This is that, this sport :not puting difficulties and smiling for no reason but feeling the music in her body and express it. In french “l’art en mouvement” (I don’t find a traduction :p).

I heard her ribbon music all my childhood because my mother plays piano, especialy Chopin…Zhenya made a wonderfull tribute to Oksana Kostina with her ball routine ( music, old style with the same first and ending position, catches, 20 years later (it was in 1991), in France… two russians world champions…). I immediatly made the link. This touch me because I love this Oksana’s routine.

May you have a good day,


Note by Zoe Wan: I gave this article with this title “Well for me, Zhenya is an artist…”

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3 Responses to “Well for me, Zhenya is an artist…” my French friend Catherine’s impression about Zhenya’s performance @Corbeil 2011

  1. Catherine says:

    I am happy that Russia diffused the event on TV because in France, we had to be in Corbeil for seeing it. Happy to share my impression.
    Thanks for the video it ‘s great !
    Ana : “Art in motion”, thank you :o)

    And i like this :

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Catherine: I love especially the last part of your impression-The connection between Kostina and Zhenya!!! And yes! I love very much the same start and ending pose Zhenya’s ball routine. Like I said before it’s really amazing arrangement, just like Chinese circle concept: “The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning” I really don’t think her ball routine is boring and not good as the previous one with “Dorian Gray OST music”.
    Ohh and I love when I read you say “I heard her ribbon music all my childhood because my mother plays piano, especialy Chopin…” 😀

    Plus I added a title to your article, hopefully you don’t mind 🙂

    @Ana: Thanks for your translation! about that French words

  3. Ana says:

    “l’art en mouvement” = Art in motion.

    and I completely agree, that´s what Zhenya is (among other things of course! ;))

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