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News Video translation: Zhenya Kanaeva and Russian RG National Team are preparing for EC Minsk 2011

Original video link: click here English translated by Tatiana! BIG BIG THANKS!!! In the morning hours gym of Novogorsk training center was filled with music at one moment and with silence at another moment,

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莫忘初衷 Some words to Zhenya before EC Minsk 2011…

既然明天要搬家, 現在房間裡亂七八糟, 一時半刻還不能睡, 就寫點東西吧…

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Announcement: Photographers’ copyright!

Dear all: From now on, I won’t post photographers’ photos (such as Tom, Barny, Oleg, Dan etc…) to my photobucket account, and will only post ZKG art design pictures and some media news photos, everyone can find RG photographers’ photos @their … Continue reading

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