World Cup Baku 2017, 28-30 April

This week the 3rd stage of World Cup series 2017 will be held in Baku, 28-30 April. Good luck to all gymnasts! Below are some information:

Official website
: click here
FB: click here
FIG page: click here
Start list: click here
Participants: click here (Zohra Agamirova instead of Marina Durunda)
Schedule: click here
Broadcast: (wait for more information)
Belarus TV
Sunday, April 30
10:55 Rhythmic gymnastics World Cup Baku – Live Stream (GMT+3)
14:30 Rhythmic gymnastics World Cup Baku – Live Stream (GMT+3)

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World Cup Tashkent and Happy Caravan 2017, 18-23 April

From 18 to 19 April in Tashkent will host the annual Children’s International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics “Happy Caravan” and  from 21 to 23 April the World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics will be held. Good luck to all gymnasts! Following are some information:

Official website: click here
FB: click here
FIG page: click here
Live stream: click here
Start list:
World Cup: click here (Arina Averina instead of Aleksandra Soldatova)
Happy Caravan:
Junior Individuals hoop and ball
Junior Individuals clubs and ribbon
Junior Groups 10 clubs
Participants: World Cup (Arina Averina instead of Aleksandra Soldatova)
Schedule: click here  Continue reading

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Rules and qualifications

FIG published the qualification system for Tokyo 2020 few months ago. the Test Event as the qualifying 2nd stage will be eliminated in the next Olympiad. Instead, it will be determined by the overall results of the World Cup Series 2020.

The 2019 World Championships still remain the major qualifying event. Additional Olympic participation rights are constrained again with the current restrictions of NOCs having qualified at least 1 berth (i.e. a NOC with 1 berth cannot win another berth).

Please read the World Cup Series 2017-2020 rules here,

During the Olympic cycle 2017 – 2020, there will be one Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Series every year, with four events each, taking place between February and April. The results of the 3 best results out of 4 are taken into consideration. The World Cup Series 2020 will be qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games (for Individual gymnasts only).

In the 2020 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Series a separate Olympic Qualification Ranking list will be established and give the opportunity to earn three Olympic qualification places. Continue reading

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Coach Vera Shtelbaums raised up champions to whom young gymnasts from Omsk want to be equal

Original article link: click here
English translated by Alyona and catts! Billion Billion Thanks!!!!!!

Victories of our rhythmic gymnasts on various championships attract big number of children to sports. The names of the gymnasts raised up by Vera Shtelbaums are known not only by the followers of the rhythmic gymnastics but also by the people who are not interested in this sport. Nowadays Vera Shtelbaums has been coaching a new candidate for high achievements – Maria Titova. Although Masha is not from Omsk, she is quite capable of continuing the triumph of Russian gymnasts on the world arena.
Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: and mom, no matter what, would not love me less …(7th March 2013)

Evgenia Kanaeva-interview with
Posted at on 07/03/2013
Author (in Russian): Anatoly Samokhvalov & Andrei Simonenko

English edition was translated and edited by catts and Alyona, MANY MANY THANKSSSS!!!!

Gymnast Kanaeva, winner of ‘the most success athletes in 2012’ ranking organized by the agency “R-Sport”, refused to define the best one. She wished the impossible – grant every competitor the first place. In an interview with “R-Sport”’s Anatoly Samokhvalova and Andrei Symonenko, the double Olympic champion talked about the fan from Taiwan (Note by Zoe: means me hahaha 😀 ❤), a sincere smile and eating chocolate  behind the coach’s back… Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: Everything I did, I did it with love for people (exclusive interview from Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium)

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbob-AA final-London 2012 by Perlle - Photographie

I have no words!!! about two months ago, I asked Zhenya’s mom Svetlana: May I do an e-mail interview with Zhenya? I am not belong to any media, so I only have little confidence that they will say yes. But Svetlana accepted my request without any hesitate!  So I with my friends: Alyona, catts, Ekaterina and Fanny worked together to discuss the questions. Special thanks to Fanny, she wrote most of the questions. There were many things in these two months and Zhenya has been very busy, but finally She answered our questions and sent it to me last night via Svetlana’s help. Big Big Thanks Zhenya and Svetlana!!! I love both of them ♥ ♥ ♥ And also thanks my friends: Alyona, catts, Ekaterina, and Fanny for working with me to do this project. We DID IT!!!!!!!!! This interview is well deserved to read! Zhenya has never such opened in an interview before…

Here you are the exclusive interview from ZKG, in English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. All are in pdf format.

English translated by Ekaterina, Spanish by Gaby, Italian by Anita, Japanese y Sophia and Chinese by Zoe

ENG-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

RUS-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did Idid it with love for people

CHN-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

ESP-WP-Zhenya interview forZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

ITA-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

JPN-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

BTW, Zhenya RG career recap by FIG, published on 8th-Jan-2013,10869,5187-187975-19728-49291-317645-20935-5233-layout210-205197-news-item,00.html

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ball-AA Final-WCH Montpellier 2011-FIG

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There is no better one-Zoe at London 2012-English version

(It’s just a surprised!!! I saw myself hugging and kissing Zhenya at the end of this video!!! outside Wembley Arena-12th-Aug-2012, 0:34-0:42 can see me and Svetlana and in the end XD. Big Thanks the recorder!!! Now with this video, this trip is even more perfect for me!!! 😀 )

written by Zoe Wan based on my Chinese version:
There is no better one-Zoe @London 2012
sorry for my poor English.


Since the great experience in WCH Montpellier last year (impression please check here: Not Perfect but Happy Ending (the magic week in Montpellier )-English Version) I had been thinking to watch Olympics London. I really hope that I can witness Zhenya to make history, becoming the first gymnast to win two Olympic gold medals in individual all around in RG. And RG fans all know she has great chance to achieve it. Moreover, I have been thinking if I don’t go this time, then it’s difficult for me to see her performing live in the future. Because I can’t make decision, I missed the chance to buy OG tickets by legal way. The on-line ticket system is only for the residents of UK and some designated European countries. People who live in other places have to buy ticket from official agents. In Taiwan, I only can buy tickets in Winner express co., when I called them to ask for tickets, the tickets had sold out. But I didn’t give up, I tried to find tickets on eBay, and finally I got one AA final ticket. I want to see qualification too, but not many time left for me, I thought I can buy the qualification tickets when I am in London. Although there were no tickets left in normal ways, I believed I can get the tickets definitely! Continue reading

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World Cup Pesaro & IT “Citta di Pesaro” 2017, 07-12 Apr.

The 1st world cup series will be held in Pesaro, Italy this weekend. 33 countries will participate.  Following are some information:

Official website: click here
FB: click here
FIG page: click here
Live scoring: click here
Live stream: geoblock for EF, try ZenMate to change your country
07 Apr. 19:20-20:30 Groups 5 Hoops Qualification (available for all countries)
08 Apr. 19:00-20:20 Groups 3 Balls + 2 Ropes Qualification (available for all countries)
09 Apr. 13:00-18:00 Individuals and Groups Finals (geoblock)
World Cup: click here (updated 05 Apr.)
Full list with IT: click here (updated 31 Mar.)
Start List: click here
Schedule: click here
Results: click here

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Grand Prix Marbella 2017, 31 Mar-02 Apr

The 4th stage of Grand Prix will be held at Marbella, Spain. Following are some information. No broadcast information so far…Good luck to all gymnasts!!!

Official FB: click here
Live Stream:
EF: click here
AA: click here
Start List:
Grand Prix: click here
Junior Competition: click here
BLR Katsiaryna Halkina and Alina Harnasko Junior: Yana Striga
BUL Neviana Vladinova and Katrin Taseva
EST Carmel Kallemaa
ESP Natalia García, Sara Llana and Polina Berezina
ISR Victoria Filanovsky and Nicol Zelikman
KAZ Sabina Ashirbayeva
RUS Alexandra Soldatova, Arina Averina, Polina Khonina and Yulia Bravikova
Junior: Polina Shmatko, Lala Kramarenko, Anastasia Sergeeva and Dariya Sergayeva
UKR Viktoria Mazur and Olena Diachenko
USA Lili Mizuno
Schedule: click here  Continue reading

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Grand Prix Thiais 2017, 25-26 March

The 3rd stage of Grand Prix will be held in Thiais, France this weekend, below are some information for this competition. Good Luck to all gymnasts!

Official Website:
Live Stream:
25 Mar:
26 Mar: 
Start List:
EF: click here
Group A: click here
Group B: click here
Groups: click here
click here
Results: click here
Schedule:  Continue reading

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FIG: Rhythmic star Yana Kudryavtseva announces Gymnastics retirement

Olympic Games Rio 2016: KUDRYAVTSEVA Yana/RUS
FIG article link: click here

Russia’s Yana Kudryavtseva, who has reigned over Rhythmic Gymnastics for the past several years, has assumed the final pose of her career. The 19-year-old Muscovite officially confirmed her retirement to the FIG late last month, ending of one of the most glittering careers in Rhythmic history. Continue reading

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“I want to leave nicely.” Gymnast Melitina Staniouta ends career


Фото: Владимир Евстафьев, TUT.BY

Sad…Good Luck to Melitina in the future! Best Wishes! We will miss you….
Article link:
translated by google and bing (sorry can’t do a fully accurate translation)

Famous gymnast Melitina Staniouta decided to complete her career. She will take place at the international tournament Baby Cup in Minsk as her farewell performance.

-What would be your final chord? Surprise with something new?
— Let it remain secret. Do not want to reveal the card, but spectators are in for a surprise. I hope everyone will enjoy the Gala concert, where will be presented to my room.
Continue reading

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Margarita Mamun is engaged to swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

Congratulations to Rita!!!!

Video: Alexander Sukhorukov proposed to Margarita Mamun

Champion of the 2016 OG in rhythmic gymnastics told how her lover, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov proposed to her at the Olympic Ball in Moscow, Continue reading

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Yana Kudryavtseva: I surprised to learn that I has completed the career

Yana made the clarification! she hasn’t decided yet to continue or retire.
news link: click here

Silver medalist in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, 13-times world champion has not confirmed the words of the president of the All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Irina Viner-Usmanova that she was 19 years old leaving the sport.

Recall now Irina Viner said that Kudryavtseva in the aftermath of a broken leg, will likely finish her professional career. However, in a conversation with “Life” the famous gymnast  has not confirmed this information.  Continue reading

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Gymnast Kudryavtseva completed a career because of a broken leg

News link: click here
Translation by google

MOSCOW, Nov. 28 – R-Sport. Elena Sobol. Russian gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva likely completed a career because of the severe consequences of a broken leg, head of the All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (VFHG) Irina Viner told the reporters. Continue reading

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