Double Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva talks Olympics by UEG

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19 July 2016
In exactly one month, the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition will kick off at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Evgenia Kanaeva wrote history several times during her gymnastics career. She is the only rhythmic gymnast to win 2 Olympic golds, the first in 2008 which she then successfully defended in 2012. She was the first gymnast to sweep all gold medals at a Worlds. She accomplished this feat in 2009, only to repeat it in 2011. In 2009 she had a truly exceptional year: she swept the golds at the European and World Championships, the Universiade and the World Games! Kanaeva is also the only gymnast to receive a perfect score under the 30-points system. There is just one word to summarise all her achievements: wow!  Continue reading

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Coach Vera Shtelbaums raised up champions to whom young gymnasts from Omsk want to be equal

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English translated by Alyona and catts! Billion Billion Thanks!!!!!!

Victories of our rhythmic gymnasts on various championships attract big number of children to sports. The names of the gymnasts raised up by Vera Shtelbaums are known not only by the followers of the rhythmic gymnastics but also by the people who are not interested in this sport. Nowadays Vera Shtelbaums has been coaching a new candidate for high achievements – Maria Titova. Although Masha is not from Omsk, she is quite capable of continuing the triumph of Russian gymnasts on the world arena.
Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: and mom, no matter what, would not love me less …(7th March 2013)

Evgenia Kanaeva-interview with
Posted at on 07/03/2013
Author (in Russian): Anatoly Samokhvalov & Andrei Simonenko

English edition was translated and edited by catts and Alyona, MANY MANY THANKSSSS!!!!

Gymnast Kanaeva, winner of ‘the most success athletes in 2012’ ranking organized by the agency “R-Sport”, refused to define the best one. She wished the impossible – grant every competitor the first place. In an interview with “R-Sport”’s Anatoly Samokhvalova and Andrei Symonenko, the double Olympic champion talked about the fan from Taiwan (Note by Zoe: means me hahaha😀 ❤), a sincere smile and eating chocolate  behind the coach’s back… Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: Everything I did, I did it with love for people (exclusive interview from Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium)

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbob-AA final-London 2012 by Perlle - Photographie

I have no words!!! about two months ago, I asked Zhenya’s mom Svetlana: May I do an e-mail interview with Zhenya? I am not belong to any media, so I only have little confidence that they will say yes. But Svetlana accepted my request without any hesitate!  So I with my friends: Alyona, catts, Ekaterina and Fanny worked together to discuss the questions. Special thanks to Fanny, she wrote most of the questions. There were many things in these two months and Zhenya has been very busy, but finally She answered our questions and sent it to me last night via Svetlana’s help. Big Big Thanks Zhenya and Svetlana!!! I love both of them ♥ ♥ ♥ And also thanks my friends: Alyona, catts, Ekaterina, and Fanny for working with me to do this project. We DID IT!!!!!!!!! This interview is well deserved to read! Zhenya has never such opened in an interview before…

Here you are the exclusive interview from ZKG, in English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. All are in pdf format.

English translated by Ekaterina, Spanish by Gaby, Italian by Anita and Chinese by Zoe

ENG-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

RUS-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did Idid it with love for people

CHN-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

ESP-WP-Zhenya interview forZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

ITA-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

BTW, Zhenya RG career recap by FIG, published on 8th-Jan-2013,10869,5187-187975-19728-49291-317645-20935-5233-layout210-205197-news-item,00.html

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ball-AA Final-WCH Montpellier 2011-FIG

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There is no better one-Zoe at London 2012-English version

(It’s just a surprised!!! I saw myself hugging and kissing Zhenya at the end of this video!!! outside Wembley Arena-12th-Aug-2012, 0:34-0:42 can see me and Svetlana and in the end😄. Big Thanks the recorder!!! Now with this video, this trip is even more perfect for me!!!😀 )

written by Zoe Wan based on my Chinese version:
There is no better one-Zoe @London 2012
sorry for my poor English.


Since the great experience in WCH Montpellier last year (impression please check here: Not Perfect but Happy Ending (the magic week in Montpellier )-English Version) I had been thinking to watch Olympics London. I really hope that I can witness Zhenya to make history, becoming the first gymnast to win two Olympic gold medals in individual all around in RG. And RG fans all know she has great chance to achieve it. Moreover, I have been thinking if I don’t go this time, then it’s difficult for me to see her performing live in the future. Because I can’t make decision, I missed the chance to buy OG tickets by legal way. The on-line ticket system is only for the residents of UK and some designated European countries. People who live in other places have to buy ticket from official agents. In Taiwan, I only can buy tickets in Winner express co., when I called them to ask for tickets, the tickets had sold out. But I didn’t give up, I tried to find tickets on eBay, and finally I got one AA final ticket. I want to see qualification too, but not many time left for me, I thought I can buy the qualification tickets when I am in London. Although there were no tickets left in normal ways, I believed I can get the tickets definitely! Continue reading

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World Cup Kazan 2015+IT Yoldyz Cup 2015, 21-23 AUG

Evgenia Kanaeva-IT-Yoldyz Cup Kazan 2015-01
This weekend the final stage of World Cup series will be held in Kazan, from 21 to 23 August. Zhenya will attend this competition because her student Ekaterina Ayupova will compete in the Yoldyz Cup. Good Luck to Zhenya and her student Ayupova!!! All the BEST!!! (p.s. Maria Titova and Veronika Polyakova both are not able to compete due to leg injury.) Below are some information about this competition.

Official website: click here
Live Stream: click here
Full Replay: click here
Start List: click here
Program: Continue reading

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Irina Viner: Olympic champion Kanaeva will train Ayupova

Updated: Zhenya didn’t coach Ayupova anymore.

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translated by google and bing
KAZAN, August 19 – R-Sport, Vadim Kuznetsov.
Two-time Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva, becoming a coach, will work with gymnast Ekaterina Ayupova, said president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (VFHG) Irina Viner.

The first competition as a coach for Kanaeva will be the final stage of World Cup in Kazan, Continue reading

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World Cup Budapest and MTK Cup, 07-09 Aug 2015

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-ribbon-1024
This weekend Masha will take part in the international tournament – MTK Cup in Budapest. Good Luck to Masha! Wish Masha all the BEST!!! Давай!!! 臭小t 加油!!! [给力][给力][加油啊][加油啊][许愿][许愿]
Below are some information for WC Budapest and MTK Cup.

Official Website: Continue reading

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Photos Gallery: Zhenya in Croatia Training Camp as a coach!

Evgeniya Kanaeva-Croatia Training Camp-04
As Zhenya said in the interview with sportvisor, she has began to work in Novogosk as a coach. Now Zhenya is in the Croatia training camp with her student-a junior gymnast-Ekaterina Ayupova. Here are the photos that Zhenya works with Katya Ayupova. Many Thanks Oelg Naumov for the photos! And many good wishes to Zhenya for her new occupation!!! Edited! Zhenya’s son is there too!!!


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Russian Gymnasts Are Unreachable (with Zhenya and Dmitrieva’s interview)

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Translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!!❤❤❤

The final day of the IV Russian-Chinese Youth Games in Irkutsk brings the audience not less emotions than the previous two.

One of the most popular sports of the Games was rhythmic gymnastics. During three days of the competition all the seats were sold out. This discipline is well-known by Irkutsk audience – the international tournament in memory of Oksana Kostina was held here for many years, later on it was granted the status of World Cup. Continue reading

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Zhenya attened the opening ceremony of Russian-Chinese Youth Games Irkutsk 2015 (13 July)

Yesterday (13 July) Zhenya attended the opening ceremony of the VI Russian-Chinese Youth Games in Irkutsk, together with Daria Dmitrieva. Continue reading

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Video Translation-Summary: Zhenya Interview-Sportvisor-30 Jun 2015

Zhenya visited Sportvisor at 30 June 2015 and did an interview. Many Thanks my friend Alyona did a summary translation!!!

Here you are the summary:
1. Some words about her son: He grows up being a very lively, merry and happy boy. He loves all kinds of balls. He is trying to do some basketball moves. Continue reading

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28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015, 11-13 July

Maria Titova-holon15-reedit-05

(photo by Barny Thierolf, re-edit by Zoe Wan)
This weekend Masha will compete in Universiade Gwangju 2015. From Russia, Ekaterina Vedeneeva and Maria Titova, from Belarus, Melitina Staniouta and Katsiaryna Halkina, from Ukraine Ganna Rizatdinova and Viktoria Mazur. So for no detailed participants list. Good Luck to Masha and all the gymnasts. And Please Take Care!

Below are some information about this competition:

Official website:
Start List:
Individual EF: click here
Group EF: click here
Individual AA: click here (Masha in Group B, the last one)
Group AA: click here 
click here (only available at mobile version and including coaches in the list)
RG Schedule:
 click here
11 July
14:00 Competition Ⅱ Individual All Around Rotation A Hoop+Ball
16:00 Competition Ⅱ Individual All Around Rotation B Hoop+Ball
18:30 Competition Ⅰ Group Competition 5 Ribbons Continue reading

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Video translation: Evgenia Kanaeva about the performance of the Russian Team during European Games in Baku

Original video link: click here (Russia only)
English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!!

Zhenya: Everybody knows that Russia will take the gold. That’s why it is a great responsibility and everybody is getting ready to perform on a high level in order to win. Continue reading

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