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Picture of the Day: Best Friends T-Shirts :D

(1st photo-Press Conference for Korean Gala Show 2009/ 2nd photos @Longines Shop in ST. Petersburg-Apr. 2010-taken by Oleg Naumov) Zhenya and Natasha (Natalia Pichuzhkina) are very very good friends! Zhenya’s Mom Svetlana ever told me

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Video of the Day: Top Beauty-Oleg Naumov-RUS RG Federation

Top Beauty photos session shooting video, presented by Russian RG Federation and photographer-Oleg Naumov, I got this video several months ago…recently just found someone uploaded this great video to Youtube

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Picture of the Day: Chopin Ribbon Wallpaper by RC (with RC Corbeil 2011 photos slide show)

Photos taken by my very good friend RC @WC Corbeil 2011 Wallpaper made by RC Special thanks to Barny lent his very good lens to RC @EF day thus why these photos are sooo amazing and beautiful ♥♥♥!!!

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Picture of the Day: Positive Animals!

Picture I got from Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana ❤❤❤ She sent me this picture yesterday…She said to me: “Just little positive animals for you today! Those pandas remind me people so much))) I just saw the picture and thought, wow, even they … Continue reading

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Video of the Day: Evgenia Kanaeva Montage by Russian RG Federation-2011

This is soooooooo good!!!!! great quality and amazing montage!!! BIG THANKS KornevDmitry!!!!!!! and the video is private video in youtube now, so I re-upload to vimeo and tudou…you also can click the “vodpod video player” on the right column of … Continue reading

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Re-upload! catts’ Wonderful Zhenya Montage-No Boundaries @Vimeo

I just learned this montage is blocked in many countries @youtube due to music copyright issue…So I re-upload to vimeo for those friends that can’t watch this great montage in youtube! here you are, Evgenia Kanaeva Montage-“No Boundaries” by catts … Continue reading

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World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2011-May 13-15 (FRA)

(Zhenya invited her coach Vera Shtelbaums to the podium and gave her flower to her coach-a very touching moment-WC Corbeil 2011 EF-taken by RC ♥♥♥) Check her wonderful EF photos album “here” (clubs+ribbon+podium+others) This weekend coming up the 7th World … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Happy Mother’s Day!

Sorry for the late! This is the greeting card from ZKG for Mother’s Day and for Zhenya and her wonderful Mother-Svetlana!!!

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Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva Has Become the Face of the Mineral Water “Omsk 1”

News link: Dated: 05-May-2011, English traslated by catts (Billion thanks!!! <333) Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva has become the face of the mineral water “Omsk 1”. Such advertising project is the first of its kind in the city of Omsk.

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Poll: Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Routines 2006-2011-Maxi 7 votes!

Here we go the 3rd Poll in ZKG! Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Routines 2006-2011, and maximum 7 routines!  I posted my favorite routines videos below…

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