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Double Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva talks Olympics by UEG

article link: http://www.ueg.org/en/Double-Olympic-champion-Evgenia-Kanaeva-talks-Olympics-2016-07-19-1230 19 July 2016 In exactly one month, the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition will kick off at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Evgenia Kanaeva wrote history several times during her gymnastics career. She is the only rhythmic gymnast to win 2 … Continue reading

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Translation: Zhenya’s words in Irina Viner’s interview, 5th Feb 2015

Many Many Thanks my friend Alyona for the English translation!!! (we only translated Zhenya’s part!) 5th Feb 2015, Zhenya appeared in a TV program which was an interview of Irina Viner, Zhenya’s part at 14:14-15:39. here’s the English translation of … Continue reading

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In St. Petersburg will celebrate the anniversary of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, Kabaeva, Kanaeva and Barsukova will be there as guests

(photo by Oleg Naumov, many many thanks!!!) Source: http://www.vfrg.ru/index.php?dn=news&to=art&id=572 Date: 2 February 2005 Translated and edited by cats (in English), Many Many Thanks my friend catts!!! The only Olympic sport, which was born originally in Russia, will celebrate its anniversary at … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva is coming to Omsk to join her husband

Source: http://omsk.kp.ru/online/news/1936468/ Date: 29-12-2014 Written by: Kseniya Uglanova (Russian) Translated and edited by: catts (many many thanks!!!) The husband of the Olympic champion, Igor Musatov, promised that his wife would be coming to her hometown, and perhaps even with their … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva Has Become a Mother! 19th March 2014

(photo by Tom Theobald at WCH Montpellier 2011) News source: http://omskzdes.ru/sports/23636.html Author:  Dmitry Bakhtin translated by Alyona, many many Thanks!!! Famous Omsk athlete Evgenia Kanaeva gave birth to a baby-boy yesterday on the 19th of March. The boy will be … Continue reading

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For whom has Evgenia Kanaeva decided to name his son?

Posted on http://bk55.ru/mc2/news/article/2146/ on March 6, 2014 Originally written by Irina Meyer Translated and edited by catts (Many Many Thanks catts!!!) A rare interview with the two-time Olympic champion for the past 6 months, and some details of Evgenia Kanaeva’s family life. … Continue reading

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Vera Shtelbaums: Zhenya will become mother in the end of March

Original article link: http://www.gazeta.ru/sport/2014/03/02/a_5932689.shtml English translated by my friend Alyona (Many Many Thanks!!!) I just post Zhenya’s part here: Vera Shtelbaums, the Coach of the two-time Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva, tells about her favorite student soon becoming a mother. – … Continue reading

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Though famous coach Vera Shtelbsums wasn’t a co-writer of her autobiografic book, she thanked Leonid Polezhaev for its appearance.

Original article: http://omskinform.ru/news/61368 English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!! The book about a well-known coach from Omsk Vera Shtelbaums has been demonstrated today during the press-conference at Galina Gorenkova’s RG tournament. Amoung her students there is Evgenia Kanaeva – a … Continue reading

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Doctors don’t allow Kanaeva to participate in Olympic torch relay

Original article: http://omskinform.ru/news/61361 translated by google Famous gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva , who is pregnant , is not coming to Omsk, to run with the Olympic torch , although she wanted very much. Omsk famous athlete , two-time Olympic rhythmic gymnastics champion … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva – Woman of the year 2013 by GQ magazine

18th September 2013 Zhenya was named “Woman of the year” by GQ magazine. The award ceremony was held in Mayakovsky Theatre in Moscow. Zhenya Received a glass figurine attending the ceremony in a dress from the latest collection by ALEXANDER TEREKHOV. … Continue reading

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