Though famous coach Vera Shtelbsums wasn’t a co-writer of her autobiografic book, she thanked Leonid Polezhaev for its appearance.

Original article:
English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!!

The book about a well-known coach from Omsk Vera Shtelbaums has been demonstrated today during the press-conference at Galina Gorenkova’s RG tournament. Amoung her students there is Evgenia Kanaeva – a two-time Olympic champion, and Irina Tchaschina – an Olympic medalist.

According to “Omsk-Inform” news agency the book was created under the support of “Spiritual heritage” foundation guided by Leonid Polezhaev, the ex-governor of Omsk region.
– it is a very interesting, touching and beautiful book. I am very pleased with its appearance. I haven’t taken part in its creation but I am really grateful to Leonid Polezhaev who initiated this project, – the famous coach shared her impressions about the book.

Minister of sports of Omsk region Alexandr Fabrizius stressed the importance of such projects and the fact that these kinds of books should appear during the life period of famous people.

The presentation of the biografical book dedicated to Vera Shtelbaums will take part tomorrow, on the 29 th of November at the opening of Gorenkova tournament.

Congrats to Vera Shtelbaums!!! I am very happpy for her, she deserves it!!! I hope I can buy this book. And hopefully there will be English version one day. 

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