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Video translation: Evgenia Kanaeva: Universiade is Fun-28th March 2013

Original link: http://www.vesti.ru/videos?vid=495459 English translation by Alyona, many many thanks!!! First time in history Russia is going to host the biggest competition among students – the Universiade. We rely strongly upon rhythmic gymnastics and now here is our guest – the … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: I am Leaving, Dreaming of the Family and Children

(photo from Bosco Sport FB-2048×1550) Original link: http://sobesednik.ru/sport/20130106-evgeniya-kanaeva-ukhozhu-mechtaya-o-seme-i-detyakh English translated by Ekaterina, many many Thanks!!! ♥ The best athlete in the history of the world Rhythmic Gymnastics after her victory at the London Olympics, where she became the only two-time … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: Everything I did, I did it with love for people (exclusive interview from Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium)

I have no words!!! about two months ago, I asked Zhenya’s mom Svetlana: May I do an e-mail interview with Zhenya? I am not belong to any media, so I only have little confidence that they will say yes. But … Continue reading

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Translation: Evgenia Kanaeva-Her Rhythmicity-Women’s Health-Dec 2012

Here you are the translation for Zhenya’s interview with Women’s Health issue Dec. 2012, Billion Billion Thanks Ekaterina!!! Her Rhythmicity At 22, Evgenia Kanaeva has become the first 2-time Olympic champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics, and the overall number of her … Continue reading

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Translation: Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup OMSK 2012 video with Zhenya and Tchachina’s interview

English translated by Tatiana, many many THANKS!!! Zhenya: First of all, I am from Omsk myself. This amazing coach (meant Gorenkova) is from Omsk. This amazing school is Omsk school. I’m immensely grateful to this school because everything begins here: … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: Barcelona fans were chanting my name outside the hotel-OMSK interview-08Dec2012

(photo from http://www.omsk.aif.ru/sport/gallery/100377) Original article link: http://tvoiomsk.ru/item.asp?id=9229 English translated by Ekaterina, Many Many THANKS!!! A tournament in memory of honorable coach of the USSR – Galina Gorenkova – is taking place in Omsk. More than 200 rhythmic gymnasts have gathered from all … Continue reading

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Reupload: Zhenya-Hoop and Ball-AA Final-WCH Mie 2009+Croatia training clip+Interviews-Fuji TV 720HD

Reuploaded two WCH Mie 2009 videos 720HD by Fuji TV, these two videos were uplaoded to YTB 3 years ago, but were deleted by YTB immediately. I love these two videos very much, especially for Hoop, because the Fuji TV went … Continue reading

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Gymnast Kanaeva Has Not Yet Decided Whether or Not She is Staying in Competitive Sport (two articles translation)

(photo from http://chelny-week.ru/2012/11/evgeniya-kanaeva-gimnastike-nuzhny-takie-centry/ ) Original link: click here English translated by Ekaterina, Many Many Thanks!!! Erevan, November 14th – News –Armenia. Two-time Olympic Champion in RG – Evgenia Kanaeva stated that she does not know yet whether she is staying … Continue reading

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Irina Viner: The return of Kanaeva to the national team will be a great joy

Posted on http://rsport.ru/rhythm_gym/20121030/627030737.html on 30/10/2012 Oringally written in Russian by Alexander Vladimirov Translated and edited by catts (thanks Ekaterina for checking-Zoe) ‘The decision of Evgenia Kanaeva, two-time Olympic champion, to return to the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team will be a great … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: You succeed in life when you stay positive (interview with passion.ru)

Original article link: http://people.passion.ru/chastnaya-zhizn/intervyu/evgeniya-kanaeva-vse-v-zhizni-poluchaetsya-ot-pozitiva.htm I am very happy to introduce the new member of ZKG translation team-Ekaterina! 🙂 And Big Big Thanks to Ekaterina for this translation, great work!!!-Zoe The 30th Olympic Games are over. The excitement has subsided, fans have … Continue reading

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