Irina Viner: The return of Kanaeva to the national team will be a great joy

Posted on on 30/10/2012
Oringally written in Russian by Alexander Vladimirov
Translated and edited by catts (thanks Ekaterina for checking-Zoe)

‘The decision of Evgenia Kanaeva, two-time Olympic champion, to return to the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team will be a great joy’, said Irina Viner – the chief trainer of the Russian national team – to agency ‘R-Sport’.

In the London OG, Kanaeva won her second gold medal and became the first ever two-time Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around.

She won her first gold medal in the Beijing OG. Kanaeva also is a 17-time World Champion. In September, the gymnast said that she had not yet made a final decision on future performances.

‘We never discuss the timing of return with such great gymnasts, as is Zhenya Kanaeva. She is a two-time Olympic Champion! Any time when she recovers and decides to come back, it will be a great joy for us,’ Viner said in a telephone conversation.

‘ So far she has decided not to continue training, and has not yet changed her mind ,’ said the agency interlocutor.

The trainer refused to answer a question about the likelihood of Kanaeva’s return to the national team. ‘I do not think about it, I hope,’ said Viner.

November, 12-16th,  Russian RG  championships and CUP will be taking place at Kazan Gymnastics Center, which has been built for the 2013 Summer Universiade.

‘In the tournament in Kazan, there will be no Kanaeva and (Daria) Kondakova, as she has retired. (Alexandra) Merkulova is still out of shape as she is recovering from an injury. The rest will be taking part, including (Daria) Dmitrieva and (Margaritat) Mamun,’- concluded Viner.

Note by Zoe Wan: at first I was struggling on posting this interview translation or not, because it’s Irina Viner’s statement, not Zhenya’s but anyway I decided to post it, thanks catts and Ekaterina. Many fans are eagerly to know will Zhenya continue her RG career or not…I only can say you won’t see her training and competing for a long time, this is what I know. Anyway she is still in the break and has some health issues to take care of. All we can do is wait and see what will happen. Like Zhenya says usually “In life, many things can change”

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6 Responses to Irina Viner: The return of Kanaeva to the national team will be a great joy

  1. Daria Kondakova had knee surgery…I think (please correct me if I am wrong). I will miss her. Also, Alina Kabaeva never “officially” retired and I don’t think Evgenia Kanaeva will “officially” retire either. She may take a long break and try to comeback if she misses RG. I hope that Dmitrieva continues until Rio 2016 because she is my favorite gymnast 😀

  2. Laura says:

    I also think Zhenya is retired although she doesn’t confirm it yet. When she said she was thinking about leaving or not I didn’t believe her. I was a gymnast and I knew perfectly when I was going to say goodbye to this passion and I know how incredibly hard is that time. It must be so difficult for Zhenya to assume she is going to leave gymnastics.

  3. Deekay says:

    Its a pity to hear that Kondakova retired. She is really such a high caliber gymnast. Heard about her knee injury but didn’t think it would be so serious. Its sad to hear that kondakova is retired and Kanaeva would also be in time. Kanaeva, Kondakova and Dmitrieva are russia’s elite RG’s. Hope that Dmitrieva would still be on her game till Rio. She has such high potential. Kanaeva is a legend in RG. Her great performance will always be remembered.

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Deekay, yes Kondakova has retired, her knee injury is very serious…for me, Zhenya most likely retires too, even she doesn’t announce it officially.

  5. Satya Pal says:

    I cannot believe this. Kondakova has retired???

  6. Deekay says:

    ‘In the tournament in Kazan, there will be no Kanaeva and (Daria) Kondakova, as she has retired’. As in Kondakova retired? Really??

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