Evgenia Kanaeva: Barcelona fans were chanting my name outside the hotel-OMSK interview-08Dec2012

04. Evgenia Kanaeva and Vera Shtelbaums-Galina Gorenkova memorial Cup-OMSK-07Dec2012
(photo from http://www.omsk.aif.ru/sport/gallery/100377)
Original article link: http://tvoiomsk.ru/item.asp?id=9229
English translated by Ekaterina, Many Many THANKS!!!

A tournament in memory of honorable coach of the USSR – Galina Gorenkova – is taking place in Omsk. More than 200 rhythmic gymnasts have gathered from all over Russia and neighboring countries. At the tournament, “Your Omsk” reporter asked a few questions to the famous beauty – Evgenia Kanaeva.

– Evgenia, what are your feelings having come to Omsk?
– I love Omsk, it is after all my hometown. Here I met a wonderful coach- Vera Steilbaums. Here I took my first steps, got onto the national team. The most wonderful stage of my career unfolded here. Here I have come first of all for the children who had been cheering me on and supported me.

– Has the number of fans increased after the Olympics?
– Yes, I have been receiving numerous letters and calls since the Olympics. Even people simply passing by, stop and tell me a lot of nice, kind words. I think, this had been worth all the hard work, endurance and accomplishment. The most positive in my life are people’s kind words and their sincere support.

– But the biggest number of fans is still in Omsk, correct?
– Of course, there are more fans in the hometown. But I was really shocked at a tournament in Barcelona this year: I was sick and missed an autograph session. The fans found out the address of the hotel, where I was staying, and chanted “Eugenia Kanaeva” outside. This is what gives strength to go forward. (Note by Zoe Wan: I think there is a mistake in the original article, Zhenya should mean “the training camp in Gimnasia Rítmica Yecla club on Nov 2010”, not the competition in Barcelona…and Zhenya only competed in Barcelona last year. Maybe something mistake on memory 

– You have announced recently that you are getting ready to retire. What are your plans for the future?
– I am living in the present.

– What would you be your New Year’s wishes to the girls who are rooting for you?
– I wish them love, joy and kindness. This is what’s most important. I wish them to love their teachers and parents as well as that thing they are dedicating all their free time to.

03. Evgenia Kanaeva and Irina Tchachina-Opening Ceremony-Galina Gorenkova memorial Cup-OMSK-07Dec2012

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  1. M says:

    Nice interview, thanks for posting

  2. Mariette Riedell says:

    What a classy young lady!

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