Translation: Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup OMSK 2012 video with Zhenya and Tchachina’s interview

English translated by Tatiana, many many THANKS!!!

Zhenya: First of all, I am from Omsk myself. This amazing coach (meant Gorenkova) is from Omsk. This amazing school is Omsk school. I’m immensely grateful to this school because everything begins here: my first steps in rhythmic gymnastics, my selection to the national team, coaching by Vera Shtelbaums. It is the roots of my sport career.

-What are the feelings you have being here today?

-I am here today for the children who were cheering me during Olympic Games, writing letters to me. They were supporting me with all their hearts. I think that the purest people are kids. I love Omsk, it’s my home after all. I grew up here. I feel great today and I hope sharing this feeling with everybody.

Elena Arais: There is always intense competition among gymnasts here. And according to the good Omsk’s tradition our girls perform with success and take lead positions. If we talk about participants then there are many strong gymnasts here today who arrived from different cities of Russia. Also let’s not forget our guests from Kazakhstan.

Irina Tchachina: My life and my sport career began at this competition. It is always a pleasure to be here because I know that this event is a great opportunity for many young gymnasts to show their skills. It is a good step towards achieving the highest results, and a great stimulus for kids. Many gymnasts who are present here today can perform at the level of the Master of Sports. Therefore any competition whether it is Russian or international is a really big even for us.

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