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World Cup Pesaro 2013, 26-28 April

(Maria Titova by Luca Renoldi, many many Thanks!!!) Masha flew to Italy today for World Cup Pesaro 2013, competition will be held on 26-28 April. God Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST !!! Davai Masha!!! Plus ITA and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums ❤

Big Big Congratulations to the greatest coach-Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums!!! Like Zhenya said many times, without her coach-Vera Efremovna, she could not reach such outstanding achievement! I wish you good health and a long life. Hope to see you training more … Continue reading

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The wedding of Kanaeva and Musatov will be in July

Original article link: English translated by Alyona, MANY MANY THANKS!!!!! Farhat Moustafin, father of the Olympic Champion Aliya Moustafina, in his interview to ‘’Sovietsky Sport’’ said they had already got an official invitation to the wedding of the twice Olympic … Continue reading

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World Cup Bucharest 2013, 19-21 April

(Maria Titova-Gala-WC Bucharest  2013-photo by Barny Thierolf) Last week, Masha told me she will go to Romania, I think she will compete in WC Bucharest 2013 this weekend. Now I got the information, She will fly to Romania tomorrow and I … Continue reading

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Video translation: Evegenia Kanaeva had a meeting with the students of Kazan Sport Academy-8th Feb 2013

English translated by Alyona, Big Big Thanks!!! Evegenia Kanaeva, the two-time Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, had a meeting with the students of Kazan Sport Academy. At first, Evgenia visited gymnasts who lived in the dormitory located in the Universiade … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: and mom, no matter what, would not love me less …(7th March 2013)

Posted at on 07/03/2013 Author (in Russian): Anatoly Samokhvalov & Andrei Simonenko English edition was translated and edited by catts and Alyona, MANY MANY THANKSSSS!!!! Gymnast Kanaeva, winner of ‘the most success athletes in 2012’ ranking organized by the … Continue reading

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World Cup Lisbon 2013, 03-06 April

Today will start World Cup Lisbon 2013, today competition for junior groups, junior individual and senior groups. Tomorrow will be the qualification for senior individual Hoop and Ball. Good Luck to all gymnasts. Here’s some information for this competition Official … Continue reading

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Video translation: Evgenia Kanaeva: Universiade is Fun-28th March 2013

Original link: English translation by Alyona, many many thanks!!! First time in history Russia is going to host the biggest competition among students – the Universiade. We rely strongly upon rhythmic gymnastics and now here is our guest – the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Little Bunny Zhenya!!!

Zhenya, my little bunny Happy Birthday!!! С днем рождения!!! 生日快樂!!! Thank you for everything, you are the reason that lead me to RG world and after that, my life changed a bit, if not you I would not attend London Olympics, that … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: It’s April :)

Just did a calendar for April, here you are (photo by Rimako Takeuchi and Tom Theobald, 790×1224) 當然是因為小兔寶的生日是四月才做的 XDD

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