The wedding of Kanaeva and Musatov will be in July

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English translated by Alyona, MANY MANY THANKS!!!!!

Farhat Moustafin, father of the Olympic Champion Aliya Moustafina, in his interview to ‘’Sovietsky Sport’’ said they had already got an official invitation to the wedding of the twice Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva and hockey player Igor Musatov.

– The wedding will take place in Moscow in july, says Farhat Moustafin. The newlyweds haven’t decided yet upon the concrete date or place. But Zhenya’s father Oleg, who is my old friend, has already ordered a suit for the wedding… I don’t really like visiting weddings, as for me it’s a party for the young people. But I will surely go to Zhenya’s wedding, otherwise Oleg will feel aggrieved.

– So, the thing that your daughters are good friends is not a coincidence, is it?
– It is! The girls met by themselves, I don’t really know where it happened. (In her interview to ‘Sovietsy Sport’ Aliya told that she had met Zhenya at the gala show in 2010, after her victory in the Worlds in Rotterdam.) I know Oleg from the National Team of the Soviet Union; he used to be a wrestler as well.

– Have you ever fought against each other?
– No, it never happened! Zhenya’s father is much bigger than me, so we were in different weight groups.

– Is Aliya getting ready for Zhenya’s wedding?
– A bit. She has already bought high heel shoes and I said that she should be more modest. Aliya can’t really walk on such heels. She tried them for a while and then again jumped in the sneakers. I think the only time Aliya puts on these shoes will be the day of Zhenya’s wedding.

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4 Responses to The wedding of Kanaeva and Musatov will be in July

  1. sarahdizzy says:

    Congratulations Zhenya! 🙂

  2. M says:

    Congratulations to the both of them.

  3. Michelchel says:

    There is only one thing to say: The best for the future… and many children ^^ Congratulation!!

  4. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Congratulations to Zhenya!!! Best Wishes to Zhenya and Igor!!!

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