Video translation: Evegenia Kanaeva had a meeting with the students of Kazan Sport Academy-8th Feb 2013

English translated by Alyona, Big Big Thanks!!!

Evegenia Kanaeva, the two-time Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, had a meeting with the students of Kazan Sport Academy. At first, Evgenia visited gymnasts who lived in the dormitory located in the Universiade village. The girls drank tea, talked about their sportive achievements and shared some secrets. After that intimate conversation with the gymnasts, Evgenia got a warm welcome from the teachers and students of Academy. In the opening speech the rector noted that Evgenia was almost of the same age with the students who were sitting in the audience. In her turn Evgenia confessed that she had been studying to be a coach. The students wondered what was needed to reach such high results.

Evgenia Kanaeva: One need great desire, great intention, and joy for living, joy for the things he or she is doing. Sometimes it can be very hard, but we should appreciate the possibility of it, because there are people who have no chance to make any sport at all. That’s why we should appreciate the chance we are given and the health we are having.

In the end the rector gave Evgenia a symbolic scarf of the Academy wishing her further success.

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbon-GP Thiais 2012-by Catherine Nuville-01
(photo by Catherine Nuville at GP Thiais 2012, many many thanks!!!)

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