Happy Birthday to My Little Bunny Zhenya!!!

Zhenya Happy Bday 2013-ZKG-Zoe
Zhenya, my little bunny Happy Birthday!!! С днем рождения!!! 生日快樂!!!

Thank you for everything, you are the reason that lead me to RG world and after that, my life changed a bit, if not you I would not attend London Olympics, that was one of my best experience in my life. I am really thankful. May you be blessed, be loved, be happy, be joy, and most important be healthy! Wish you all the BEST!!!

May God Bless You and Your Family

Zoe with Love from Taiwan

小兔寶生日快樂!!!雖然我現在愛上小天鵝,但你在我心裡永遠佔有不可磨滅的地位. 因為你我才開始接觸RG, 關注RG的每場賽事, 你是一切的起點, 我的生活也因為你, 因為RG而有了改變. 如果不是你, 我不會去倫敦看奧運, 那是我人生中最美好的體驗之一. 感謝有你!

祝福你 未來的生活美滿順利, 最重要的是身體健康!


p.s. I am not good in doing wallpaper, but I tried…

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