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RG Report Photos Album-Japanese-Everlasting Heroine 1980-2010!

Wow!!!! here this Japanese blog you can see the introduction of this photos album! The cover is Zhenyaaaa!!! beautiful!!! <333 The 128 page book (ISBN978-4-16-008718-7) is available for 3,200 yen ($38).

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Picture of the Day: When she was eighteen, standing there with emotional…

(photo by Tom Theobald @OG Beijing 2008-1024 x 683) English/ Chinese written by Zoe Wan, Spanish translated by Ana, Russian translated by Tatiana (Billion Thanks!!! <333) Just looked carefully to this podium photos @OG Beijing 2008…Zhenya’s eyes sparkling with tears when … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya Best Arms Photo Your Choice (with slide show)

Dear All, since we have “Zhenya Best Legs Photo Your Choice” of course we should also choose “Zhenya Best Arms Photo” XD. Again, leave your comment here, and let me be the first! This time my answer is two versions … Continue reading

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Re-upload: Zhenya Warming Up-World Games 2009-10 mins (vimeo)

A very long and complete recording of Zhenya’s warming up @World Games 2009-10 mins+! I edited this video recently 🙂

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My short letter to Zhenya’s Epic Performance @GP Thiais 2011 (with videos)

Written by Zoe Wan, Russian translated by Tatiana, Spanish translated by Ana (Billion Thanks!!!) Dear Zhenya: Congratulations!!! I am very happy and proud for you!! You did a very good performance in GP Thiais ! I love your all 4EF … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya and Ira-Similar Faces

(Photo: Evgenia Kanaeva-Gala-CariPrato, Italy 2003-by Tom Theobald) I just happened to find this photo from my PLENTY HQ and love IT! Then I show to my friend Hershey, and she said to me this one looks very similar to Ira! … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya BEST Legs Photo-Your Choice (slide show)

Since MSN France listed the Top 20 BEST Legs of Female Athlete , but I am not satisfied with photo that they used for Zhenya, Hoop-WCH Mie 2009, yes it’s a nice photo, but for me there are many other … Continue reading

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Grand Prix Thiais-09-10-Apr-2011

Official website: Participants list: Programme/Schedule:

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Most Beautiful Legs of Female Athlete: Zhenya ranked 4th!

Here you are the Top 20 list in MSN France… Zhenya ranked 4th! 1st no surprise is Maria Sharapova,

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Picture of the Day: London OG RG Logo-Inspired from Zhenya Hoop Beijing 2008!

(photo from London OG official website-RG ) This is the Logo for RG of London OG 2012, the design was inspired from Zhenya’s Hoop in OG Beijing 2008-her movement-stag leap with ring) from this photo↓ (see below)

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