Re-upload: Zhenya Warming Up-World Games 2009-10 mins (vimeo)

A very long and complete recording of Zhenya’s warming up @World Games 2009-10 mins+! I edited this video recently 🙂
Sorry for the bad quality, cause I filmed it with a bad digital camera. but you can watch Zhenya’s warming up clearly. @2:05 the lady is Amina Zaripova, she was there for judge…

重新上傳當年09世運我拍的小兔寶長達10分鐘以上的熱身影片,因為是用爛傻瓜數位相機拍的,所以畫質不好,請見諒。但這影片難得在於很長很完整,可以很清楚的看到小兔寶熱身的過程。@2:05 那位跟小兔寶致意的女士就是Amina Zaripova,她是當時的裁判之一。

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