Picture of the Day: London OG RG Logo-Inspired from Zhenya Hoop Beijing 2008!

(photo from London OG official website-RG )
This is the Logo for RG of London OG 2012, the design was inspired from Zhenya’s Hoop in OG Beijing 2008-her movement-stag leap with ring)
from this photo↓ (see below)

here’s another pic of the London OG-RG logo

Please comment what do you think about this logo???!!! I don’t think it’s a good design for logo. Inspired from one of Zhenya’s movements it’s a honor for Zhenya and I am very happy for her! But if just want me to comment from this logo, it’s really not a good one IMHO.
But… when I saw the logo of Badminton, ↓ (see below)
I am sooo relief!!!! Zhenya’s one is way much BETTER HAHAHAHA :DDDD
Also can take a look the RG Chinese logo of OG Beijing 2008! Here, Zhenya’s London Hoop logo won again :-))))))

每日一圖: 倫敦奧運RG囧logo!


設計的挺難看,某兔說:那些延伸線條讓logo的圖案看起來像扯線木偶。我一個外國朋友說這Logo看起來像男生。。。。。不過對我來說,Logo圖案是源於Zhenya的動作,It’s a honor for Zhenya,我替她感到開心!即使設計的不夠好看!

跟羽球項目logo以及2008北京奧運的福娃logo比起來, 偶想小兔寶這個鹿跳結環logo好多了,小兔寶Logo 勝出!哈哈哈!

羽球Logo看官網 ↓-某兔:像不像打一个电灯泡= =+
08北京奧運福娃logo (請看上面英文版的圖)-某兔說: 那大盤臉很像中國RG界的某大媽!

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6 Responses to Picture of the Day: London OG RG Logo-Inspired from Zhenya Hoop Beijing 2008!

    not a very creative one, very similar with the logo last year in Moscow, but at least is better than London OG RG Logo!

  2. @Ana, Don’t worry! I plan to do the OG London RG logo with Zhenya’s images of course XD and will release it on ZKG when we finish 🙂
    The more awful of the official one is, will just stand out the great of ZKG’s logo hahahaha

    Don’t worry, 本總監打算推出 ZKG設計的OG London Zhenya RG Logo!!! 官方的越醜更能凸顯我眠ZKG設計的Zhenya RG Logo滴好看~~~~~哈哈哈哈哈

  3. @Ana, It’s really not a good design, I agree…but compared with the other sport category logo like Badminton and the Chinese RG logo of Beijing…like I said in my article, this Zhenya hoop logo won! XDD

    BTW, this maybe can’t be called “Logo”, it’s just a pic for the events of OG, maybe due to this the design is not so delicate…

  4. Ana says:

    to be honest, I don´t like it (but yet again I don´t think the London Olympica are coming off as good as other when it comes to sporst designs and the Olympic logo, wich I think is awful)

    I think the logo should be more delicate and the figure too, I think it looks like a man….:s

  5. @Joao! Thank You ❤ and Yesss!!!!!!! Davai Zhenya!!!!!!!!!! Go for London!!!!!!

  6. João Lucas says:

    Good Lucky in London, Zhenya ❤ We're with you, the 2012 Olympic Champion ♥

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