Picture of the Day: Zhenya and Ira-Similar Faces

(Photo: Evgenia Kanaeva-Gala-CariPrato, Italy 2003-by Tom Theobald)

I just happened to find this photo from my PLENTY HQ and love IT! Then I show to my friend Hershey, and she said to me this one looks very similar to Ira! Zhenya’s facial expression, Zhenya compressed her lips doing elements, really very like Ira, Ira also loves to do that when she is performing. 🙂 Two Generations Similar faces-OMSK BEST XDD

Here you are another Zhenya Gala photo from CariPrato 2006 also taken by Tom Theobald

And 3 Ira’s photos 1. From EC Kiev 2004-by Barny

2. From Vitry Cup 2003 in Zaragoza by Dirk Zimmermann

3. From WCH Madrid 2001 by Gerhard Barkmann

每日很多圖!!! 在找圖時在自己電腦檔案看到幾張小兔寶2006 CaripPrato Gala照片,我很喜歡就丟給巧克力看,她說這張平衡動作照片感覺超像Ira!尤其那抿嘴的樣子特別像!Ira做動作時喜歡抿嘴 🙂
所以就選為今日的每日一圖啦!懷舊一下,這兩位師姊妹相似的氣質 <333 OMSK BEST 照片請看上面!!!

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4 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya and Ira-Similar Faces

  1. Ana says:

    I guess Vera not nly taught them how to become the greatest Siberian power but she also taught them the lips technique hehe xD :p

    lmao at Tchachi´s photos, there are very few good photos of her when competing

  2. Yeah they’re great ❤ I love both of them!!

  3. Thank you VERY MCUH Joao!!! I love your words “the sibberian power ♥” <333

  4. João Lucas says:

    Two perfect gymnasts, the sibberian power ♥

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