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Picture of the Day: with Love from Taiwan-Letter Paper Designed by RC

Article written by Zoe Wan (with Love from Taiwan-My Connection with Zhenya and Her Family) Letter Paper designed by RC Background photos taken by Tom Theobald (one from Calais 2003, another one from EC Torino 2008)

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Picture of the Day:Lovely Lovely Lovely ♥♥♥

Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Big Thanks to the Russian famous photographer-Oleg Naumov! This is one of the photos from RUS RG gymnasts photos exhibition!

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World Cup Pesaro-25-27-Mar-2011

Official Website: Competition Date: 25-27 March 2011 Competition Schedule: Participants Lists: Start Lists:

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Cheburashka-Greeting from Kanaeva Family-23-Mar-2011 ♥

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am sooooo HAPPYYYYY HAPPPPPPYYYY HHHAAAAPPPPYYY BEYOND THE LIMIT!!!!!!!!!! I received the gifts from Kanaeva family!!!!!

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Picture of the Day: OMSK Best Part 2-Coaches and Their Pupils!

One wonderful photo! Ira Tchachina and Zhenya with their coaches-Vera Shtelbaums and Helen Arajs (Shtelbaums’ daughter). Wonderful coaches and their great pupils!

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RUS Gymnasts Photos Exhibition “Two Sides of Medal” is Open in GUM

News on 18-Mar-2011 Original link: English translated by Tatiana (Many Thanks!!! ♥♥♥) The exhibition “Two Sides of Medal” is open now on the 3rd row of GUM (Note by Tatiana: GUM is a department store, shopping center, it’s just … Continue reading

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Zhenya-Rope-AA Final-OG Beijing 2008-CCTV HD-1080P!

Since FIG take out rope from 2011 to 2016, then we hardly have another chance to watch Zhenya doing Rope rouitne again, so let’s just remembering her classic rope exercise! I uploaded Zhenya’s classic performance in OG Beijing 2008 with CCTV … Continue reading

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Two Recent News about Zhenya…

(Photos by Tom Theobald @GP Holon 2011, Many Thanks!)1. Zhenya attended the opening ceremony of a RG tournament in OMSK on 10-Mar-2011 English translated by google Today, March 10 start of the championship and the championship of the Omsk … Continue reading

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The Perfect Action-About Zhenya’s 2011 Routines written by Joao Lucas

(photo by Tom Theobald @GP Holon 2011, Many Thanks!) At first time, I left her ribbon routine for the last one that I would see, so I watched her hoop, her ball, her clubs and then… her ribbon. For me, her … Continue reading

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Black Swan: I felt it,the perfect!

(Designed by Joao Lucas) Finally,I watched this movie in theater last week. It’s a great movie, I love it! And the performance of Natalie Portman was sooooo good, this movie wouldn’t be so brilliant without HER! No wonder I love … Continue reading

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