Most Beautiful Legs of Female Athlete: Zhenya ranked 4th!

Here you are the Top 20 list in MSN France…
Zhenya ranked 4th! 1st no surprise is Maria Sharapova, 2nd Yelena Isinbayeva and CID ranked 8th! Many tennis players in the list…

法國MSN選出來的20大美腿女運動員,小兔寶排第四,第一名毫無意外是網球選手Sharapova,第二名撐竿跳冠軍-Yelena Isinbayeva,CID排名第八!看到很多網球女選手上榜。 。。。

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6 Responses to Most Beautiful Legs of Female Athlete: Zhenya ranked 4th!

  1. IMO, this Zhenya’s photo is not the BEST one to show Zhenya’s beautiful legs 🙂 I will pick one among my plenty HQ photos and upload, maybe you others can do the same, choose your best leg photo :DDD

  2. Michel says:

    Such rankings you can never take seriously. Someone looks in a sports book, choose a few people out and finished is the list…. and at first places are ever a few well known people. Anyway, nice that Evgeniya is so far in front, she has in any case beautiful legs 😉

  3. Tatiana says:

    I don’t know who made this ranking but i wouldn’t put tennis players in front of RG girls, well, but it’s matter of taste..

  4. Zhenya has the most beautiful legs in the world!!!

  5. 兔子大大說的真是精闢啊!!! 沒錯!!! 就是選知名度!!! 小兔寶應該要贏Sharapova的, 她現在成績老是不上不下…

  6. kaninchenrc says:


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