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Zhenya-Pantene Pro-V Commercial Video for London 2012

Finally, Zhenya’s Pantene Pro-V commercial video comes out 😀 😀 😀 Thanks my friend Tatiana for sharing this video with me, I don’t know where did she find this video. Now I uploaded it to youtube.  Enjoy for watching!!! And this … Continue reading

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World Cup Sofia 2012, 4-5 May

Zhenya is in Sofia now, I hope everything will be fine. Zhenya Take care!!!  Good Luck in competition!!! Wish You ALL THE BEST!!! here’s a short interview article and her training video from Sofia (I had uploaded the training … Continue reading

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Zhenya short interview translation-WC Pesaro 2012-by Rai Sport TV

English translated by Alyona, many many THANKS!!! -What do you feel after winning this competition few months before the Olympics? What is your secret of being so good? – I am very happy to be here in Italy. I got … Continue reading

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TV Interview Translation: Evgenia Kanaeva: strive to achieve the maximum of my abilities-30Dec2011

Zhenya’s newest TV interview by Россия 24 (Russia 24), released on 30-Dec-2011 Original link: English translated by Tatiana! Billion Billion thankssssssss!!!!! Gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva became a winner of award “Silver Doe”. This prestigious award of Sport Journalist Federation of Russia she … Continue reading

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The President Dmitry Medvedev met outstanding athlete including RUS RG team

RUS president Dmitry Medvedev presented awards to outstanding athlete of world sports. This time was in residence Gorki. Zhenya and the RUS RG team were invited too. here’s the news article (photos and video)

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Translation: Evgenia Kanaeva Interview Grand Prix Brno 2011

English translated by Tatiana, many many thanks!!! 0:03-1:57 -Congratulations with all your today victories! What kind of feelings you have coming to Brno after World Championship? Joy of results? Tired? Evgenia: Well, I was resting during a week after World … Continue reading

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Video Translation: Evgenia Kanaeva-Press Conference-OMSK-after WCH Montpellier 2011

Original video link: English translated by Tatiana, many many thanks ♥ ♥ ♥ Evgenia Kanaeva scored 17 highest titles of The World Championship. After the triumph in Montpellier Evgenia arrived to Omsk and together with her team-mate Ksenia Dudkina, who … Continue reading

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Videos: WCH Montpellier 2011-EF+AA Final (Group A)+Gala

Uploaded World Championships Montpellier full coverage videos for AA Final (Group A) NTV, Clubs and Ribbon Finals-NTV, Hoop and Ball Finals-NTV and Zhenya’s four AA Final routines, Zhenya’s four Finals routines, Zhenya’s Gala and Gala show complete version, check ZKG … Continue reading

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Short Video Clip translation: Gymnast Kanaeva looks ahead to London Olympics

English translated by Tatiana Big Thanks You can never plan anything. I’m striving for going to Olympics because we will have selection; we will have many new starts, new program. And may be like half month before Olympics

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News Video Translation: Gymnast Kanaeva was greeted with applause and flowers

English translated by Tatiana! Big Big Thanks!!! RG Russian National Team has triumphly come back to Russia from 31st RG World Championship 2011. Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport: head-coach in RG Irina Viner and her pupil Evgenia Kanaeva were being met with … Continue reading

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