Video Translation: Evgenia Kanaeva-Press Conference-OMSK-after WCH Montpellier 2011

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English translated by Tatiana, many many thanks ♥ ♥ ♥

Evgenia Kanaeva scored 17 highest titles of The World Championship.

After the triumph in Montpellier Evgenia arrived to Omsk and together with her team-mate Ksenia Dudkina, who won silver medal in group competition, answered questions of journalists.

Sportsmen told about impressions from World Championship and plans of training for upcoming Olympic Games.

Evgenia said she will be preparing completely new program for Games and that she isn’t afraid of increasing rivalry.

Evgenia: “Actually, I never think of rivalry; I’m always fighting with myself because I’m alone on a carpet and I have to do what my coach taught me, what we were preparing day after day. That’s why to go to the carpet and perform what I was training is the most important.”

Chinese Translated by Zoe Wan
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Evgenia Kanaeva總共贏得17個世錦賽桂冠.

Montpellier的勝利之後,Evgenia跟她的隊友,集體全能銀牌得主Ksenia Dudkina回到了OMSK,回答記者問題。


Evgenia “事實上,我從來沒有想過對手;我永遠是在跟自己奮戰,因為在地毯上我是獨自一個人,我必須做教練教我的,我們日復一日所準備的。這就是為什麼走上地毯,把我所訓練的表現出來是最重要的。”

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