Zhenya short interview translation-WC Pesaro 2012-by Rai Sport TV

English translated by Alyona, many many THANKS!!!

-What do you feel after winning this competition few months before the Olympics? What is your secret of being so good?

I am very happy to be here in Italy. I got great support from the audience. The organization is very good and it helps gymnasts very much. And of course I should mention my coaches, my personal coach, head coach, choreographer, and all the people who have been working with me. Now every competition is very important because it’s a test for the Olympic Games. Now we are going through the selection for the Olympics and I am trying to do my best.

-Who are the gymnasts you will be afraid of in London?

I am not selected yet for London. First I need to get to the European Championship: and then if I deserve I will perform in London.

– What do you think about yourself? So many gymnasts see how strong you are. You have won everything. What can you say about yourself?

There is no limit to perfection in this sport. There is always something to strive for. Every gymnast has her own strong sides and I try to learn from Belorussian, Ukrainian, Italian gymnasts, because there is always something to work at and I strive for perfection from competition to competition.

-We hope you continue to perform after London because we can’t imagine gymnastics without you.

Thank you very much.

-Which city would you like to visit in Italy?

I have been to many places already. I adore Italy and Italians (laughs). I am happy to perform here.

-Do you know this anthem (Russian anthem was playing at that moment)?

-Zhenya looked embarassed by the question and she said; Of course, I know (laughs).

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5 Responses to Zhenya short interview translation-WC Pesaro 2012-by Rai Sport TV

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know what? her answers are answered good! she’s really a wise person

  2. Meme says:

    Thank you for posting!
    The video was great!
    Thank you also for the translation!

  3. Mascot Area says:

    No doubt, she is marvelous, delightful, lovable and a thousand other venerations. Crystalline and deep eyes, her face shines like kissed by the sun. Her smile is comparable only to the sweet and fragrant spring or to the lighthearted joy of children.
    Humility is the passport of the pure hearts. A caress to the soul.
    I love its lightness perfumed. I love her!

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    added the last question in 4:22, a bit stupid question hahaha (thanks Alyona again)

  5. glycine123 says:

    I Love Zhenya 🙂

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