Translation: Evgenia Kanaeva Interview Grand Prix Brno 2011

English translated by Tatiana, many many thanks!!!


-Congratulations with all your today victories! What kind of feelings you have coming to Brno after World Championship? Joy of results? Tired?

Evgenia: Well, I was resting during a week after World Championship. So I came here full of energy, feeling great ; I came here to perform for audience. I love very much my audience, everyone who is here today because their support during each performance is amazing. I enjoyed very much to perform.

-It seemed that judges liked you very much. You received many “10’’. Yourself, how did you like your performance?

Evgenia: Honestly I don’t like myself that much (laughing). But I’m happy judges like my performance because I’m doing it for them as well; they are also spectators, and they are also happy when gymnast performs her composition well. That’s why I’m doing it for them so that they wouldn’t think only about judging but could draw back from it and imagine that they observe some theatre performance.

-You received score 30, you won 6 gold medals of the last WCH; this is pre-Olympic year.  Will it be more difficult to win Olympic Games?

Evgenia: You see, I’m still in the process to be selected for Olympics, I’m not there yet. We have many upcoming events during 6 months before Olympics; there are many gymnasts who want to get there. So now for me the most important is to move forward little by little and no steps back.

-Thank you very much! Congratulations!


Chinese translated by Zoe Wan


恭喜你今天所有的勝利! 世錦賽後再來到這裡比賽是什麼樣的感覺? 為結果感到開心還是疲勞?

Evgenia: 世錦賽後我休息了一個禮拜。所以我是精力充沛的來這裡比賽,感覺很棒。我來這裡為觀眾表演。我很喜歡我的觀眾,今天在這裡的每一個人,因為他們對我每一次表演的支持是非常棒的。我非常享受表演。

裁判似乎非常喜歡你。妳拿到很多10分。妳自己呢? 妳喜歡自己的演出嗎?

Evgenia: 說實話,我沒那麼喜歡我自己 (笑)。但我很高興裁判喜歡我的表演,因為我也是為她們而演出的;她們也是觀眾,如果選手在比賽中表現好她們也會開心。這就是為什麼我為她們表演,這樣她們就不會只是想著評分而能夠想像是在戲院看表演。


Evgenia: 你看,我都還在爭取入選奧運代表,我還沒確定入選。奧運前六個月我們有很多比賽;有很多選手都想爭取入選奧運代表隊。所以對我來說目前最重要的就是一步一步向前進不要後退。


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