The President Dmitry Medvedev met outstanding athlete including RUS RG team

RUS president Dmitry Medvedev presented awards to outstanding athlete of world sports. This time was in residence Gorki. Zhenya and the RUS RG team were invited too.
here’s the news article (photos and video)
I cut and uploaded the relative clip to youtube

Thanks Tatiana for the translation
2:06 Zhenya says:  I think it’s a pleasure for each sportsman to be here, that there is so much attention to each sportsman. It’s very important

2:35 Viner says: Everything we says it’s just pure theory while tree of life is in blossom. When gymnasts come to places like that, when they pass gates with national emblems they feel that their country needs them, it cares of them

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3 Responses to The President Dmitry Medvedev met outstanding athlete including RUS RG team

  1. janyeating says:

    HELLO! 以下純屬閒聊:)
    不知道妳看今天新聞沒? 台北要舉辦2017世大運)) 還非常久的事…但.算是有點期待吧,
    代表台灣又有RG比賽可以看了!? 雖然到那時候目前現役的大部份選手都退役了…
    6年後有哪些選手是大學生我也不清楚XD 現在都只是小孩子,不認識…
    我也不知道Zhenya Konda 包子..等等退了之後, 還有誰讓人傾心(?)
    note: 所謂的比賽當然是有國外(東歐)選手參與才算;)))

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Thanks Tanya! This is the article about this news.

  3. Tatiana says:

    And today (Friday) Zhenya and many other gymnasts like Alexey Nemov, Viktoria Komova, Kondakova and Dmitrieva attended the ball of Olympians :))))

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