Video with translation :“Gimnasia Rítmica Yecla”(Spanish RG club) arranged a special training with the Rhythmic Gymnastics champion Evgenia Kanaeva

“Gimnasia Rítmica Yecla”(Spanish RG club) arranged a special training with the Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion Evgenia Kanaeva.
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English translated by Laura, many many thanks 🙂 (L)

Reporter: When did you start playing Rhythmic Gymnastics?
Zhenya: I started when I was 6, now I’m 20 so I have been doing gymnastics for 14 years.

R: And what about the perfect age to start with this sport? Six years old… the perfect age?
Zhenya: There isn’t a specific time. Some girls started out as gymnasts when they are 6 and others when they are 8…It depends on the ability of each gymnast.

R: You’re so young now. A 20 year-old girl is used to going out with friends. What does it mean for you? What sacrifices have you made? What kind of things you can’t do?
Zhenya: I actually think I don’t give up anything. I’m just doing which I like and this doesn’t mean I have to stop doing some things.

R: In the last World Championships Russia won 8 of the 9 gold medals. You won 2 of them, in ball and hoop. Are these apparatus the most comfortable for you? Are they your best ones?
Zhenya: No, I’m the AA gold medalist which is the most important competition. Gymnastics is an Olympic sport, so the AA competition is the most important. Apparatus finals have less importance.

Evgenia Kanaeva, World Champion, Olympic Champion and winner of three last European Championships showed the girls how to perform some of the training elements of Rhythmic Gymnastics.
At the end and between all the enthusiastic girls, The Mayor presented the best World’s rhythmic gymnastics with a commemorative plaque.

Mayor: I and people of Yecla are so proud of the visit of the World Champion Evgenia Kanaeva. She has proved us what she is able to do and maybe one day, some of this girls will able to do if they continued working hard like Evgenia has done.
I want to congratulate Evgenia. You’re welcome to Yecla where a lot of girls play gymnastics and, who knows…maybe one day they can become a real champion like you are. You’re a pride and an example to follow. Thank you so much for you visit.

(Laura’s Note): We all know Zhenya’s answers. When I was watching the video I thought some of the questions were so trivial… I’m sure the journalist has never heard about Evgenia and even gymnastics. It really angers me. People don’t realize what kind of efforts gymnast do! When I went to the Euskalgym and I was queuing one guy said: “Wow! A lot of people here! And they are going to see some girls dancing” I became very angry and I said “SOME GIRLS”?? Dancing??!! OMG, they are the best gymnasts in our World! I really thought about giving him my ticket so he could see the amazing spectacle they showed!

And this is the story about this traing camp that Laura told me, Big thanks Laura again!!!

The day before The Euskalgym, Zhenya was in Sardinia (zoe note: Zhenya was in Italy to attend an AG competiton-Freddy Cup. She was there to do an exhibition show in breaktime). On sunday she travelled to Madrid and then she went to Bilbao. She arrived at 5pm and about 7pm she was performing on the carpet! Later, she travelled to Alicante and she was training there for a week. Spanish club Montemar had planned a training with Zhenya which would take place on Friday and on Saturday, Zhenya would be the coach of some girls. But on Tuesday Russian Federation called her because she had to attend a meeting with Russian President, so she flew to Moscow and on Thu. she returned back to Spain. But on Fri. she became ill and she couldn’t train the girls!! ( Only on saturday).



非常感謝Laura提供影片連結跟翻譯, 小兔寶真是辛苦了. 我簡單解釋一下整個過程,

11月13日Zhenya在義大利參加一個AG比賽-Freddy Cup 擔任中場表演嘉賓, 然後隔天星期天飛去馬德里之後到Bilbao參加Euskalgym, 她抵達當地是下午5點, 然後7點就下場表演. 之後她又飛到西班牙另一個城市Alicante 要在那訓練一個禮拜. 原本西班牙俱樂部安排在週五跟週六讓選手跟Zhenya一起練習. 但星期二的時候她接到通知, 俄羅斯總統要召見今年各類運動的冠軍成員-當然包括Zhenya, 因此她趕緊飛回去莫斯科, 然後週四的時候又風塵僕僕的飛回西班牙參加訓練營. 結果到了星期五時她人就生病了, 因此那天沒法參與訓練, 只能參加週六的訓練.這個訓練營Shtelbaums也一起去的, 我想是考量到奶奶年紀大了, 因此總統召見, 她就沒回去俄羅斯而是待在西班牙等Zhenya回來. Shtelbaums在某次記者會提到Zhenya把總統贈送給選手的禮物-iphone 4轉送給她了, 真是個乖小孩.

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13 Responses to Video with translation :“Gimnasia Rítmica Yecla”(Spanish RG club) arranged a special training with the Rhythmic Gymnastics champion Evgenia Kanaeva

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @mazu, training with Zhenya!!! wow you are sooo lucky!!! 😀

  2. mazu says:

    I was trainig with she in this video 🙂 LOVELY

  3. Wan and catts says:

    Nice Bike :)BTW, I downloaded the video, if anyone wants it…

  4. Michel says:

    No it\’s normally not dangerous. I have only worry that something breaks on this old bike, because it was never so much been driven in 25 years in such a short time… but therefore I screw apart (almost) the complete motorbike at the moment and check all: will look, it\’s in 8 months, so I have enough time to consider. Maybe a week driving through Germany? My holiday 2011?

  5. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel: sounds a little bit dangerous, take good care of Ayumi and yourself, think twice before you do.and Thank you, Merry Christmas to everyone. (L)

  6. Michel says:

    The Honda ("Nastja-Ayumi" *g*) is only 3 months younger than me :). But I need longer to Berlin as by train and it\’s more expensive and what makes me really worry, is that in 25 years, the motorbike only 24241 km was been driven. On average 1000 Km in a year and I want to drive in ONE weekend 1200 Km. It would be an adventure.BTW: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate these days :D.

  7. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel: I think you will be 26 years old next year, am I right? So a 26 years old boy with a 26 years old motorbike sounds cool and perfect 😀 😀 😀

  8. Michel says:

    You\’re right, I have it a little better than you. At least, I could see this year two events, although I had to drive 2200 km. But I may not grumble! Next year I will again after Berlin, it\’s this time in my summer holidays, that\’s perfect (I have always my holiday end of August). I\’ve been wondering if I should maybe go with my motorbike… 1200 km with an 26 year old motorbike, that\’s crazy!Hmm, the GP in Innsbruck is closer for me, than Berlin….

  9. Wan and catts says:

    🙂 no matter what, all are much better than Taiwan, we almost don\’t have any chance to watch intl RG competitons live and of coure not any RG competiton will be broadcasted in my country. except the one-World Games last year which was held in my country.

  10. Michel says:

    Pay- or Free-TV, after all, the event was on TV in Russia, but here was absolutely nothing -not mentioned with a word- and we have in Germany over 350 TV-channels! (btw Pay-TV isn\’t common in Germany, only "Sky" is good well-known).And yes, the video is in any case nice. Evgeniya, the teacher 🙂

  11. Wan and catts says:

    for me the questions are OK. anyway, very nice and lovely video. 紅心@Michel: even in Russia, the WCH was only broadcasted by pay channel.

  12. Michel says:

    Only 1-2 minutes reports came in a little local TV-station (almost only about the German group) and these events were a EC & and a GP and not "only" a training!!!! I know I said this already 100 times, but *aaarrrrggghh*

  13. Michel says:

    Maaany thanks Laura *kiss*RG is still a fringe sport. The reporter was sent to event and had to ask something, he can\’t nothing for that. At least, it was reported about this training, not like in Bremen and Berlin in Germany this year. No German reporters, which Evgeniya interviewed.

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