Evgenia Kanaeva Is Going to be a Guest at Omsk International Tournament (photos slideshow)

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Translated by Ekaterina, many many thanks!!!

Today, 27th  traditional RG championship in memory of honorable USSR coach  – Galina Pavlovna Gorenkova – has started in Omsk. Olympic champion, Evgenia Kanaeva is going to be a guest of the tournament, total of 200 athletes will be competing. A program of the memorial championship includes individual competition among Sport Masters and Sport Master candidates as well as group exercises. As a reminder, Galina Gorenkova memorial has been around since 1986. During the twenty plus years of its existence, it has become a very prestigious sporting event, which every year assembles high level rhythmic gymnasts from all over the world in Omsk. Official opening ceremony and gala are taking place tomorrow at 6 pm in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace; there audience will get to see Evgenia Kanaeva. Only a year ago, she performed at the tournament as an active gymnast but yesterday she announced her retirement, much to the sadness of her fans.

Schedules for each of the first two days include competitions with two apparatuses among Sport Masters and Sport Master Candidates. On December 8, group competitions will be held as well as individual all-around finals. On the last day  – Sunday, single apparatus finals will be taking place.

Note by Zoe Wan: Zhenya will attend opening ceremony today 18:00 OMSK time

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2 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva Is Going to be a Guest at Omsk International Tournament (photos slideshow)

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Add more photos to this article (slideshow), photos from here

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Some results were mentioned in this article-Galina Gorenkova memorial Cup-OMSK-2012
    Individual AA: gold: Catherine Vedeneeva, silver: Maria Maltseva bronze: Anastasia Kadochnikova
    EF- Anastasia Kadochnikova won ball final, Maria Maltseva won ribbon final

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