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Grand Prix Brno, 14-16 Oct. 2011

This weekend, Zhenya will take part in GP Brno, (14-16 Oct ), this is the final stage of Grand Prix series this year. Wish Zhenya all the BEST!!! Good Luck to HER!!! Below are some information for this competition:

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Interview Translaton: Kanaeva: I’m not leaving in the near future

original link: English translated by Tatiana, many many thanks ♥♥♥ In the interview of Evgenia Kanaeva we read about six gold medals of Montpellier, Irina Viner, “celebrity’s” life, and plans for the Olympic Games in London.

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ZKG Views All Time Exceeds 100,000!

Mark! on Taiwanese time-10-Oct-2011, ZKG all time views exceeds 100,000 since ZKG was moved to wordpress on 12-Jan, well even it’s not very fast but it’s a milestone 🙂 Big Thanks to My friends: catts, Alyona, Tatiana, Joao, RC, Hershey, … Continue reading

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Videos: WCH Montpellier 2011-EF+AA Final (Group A)+Gala

Uploaded World Championships Montpellier full coverage videos for AA Final (Group A) NTV, Clubs and Ribbon Finals-NTV, Hoop and Ball Finals-NTV and Zhenya’s four AA Final routines, Zhenya’s four Finals routines, Zhenya’s Gala and Gala show complete version, check ZKG … Continue reading

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Not Perfect but Happy Ending (the magic week in Montpellier )-English Version

translated by Zoe Wan based on my Chinese version. Sorry for my poor English, it’s a bad translation, and this article is toooo long and tooo detailed…anyway I tried, maybe I will replace a better version with my friend’s help … Continue reading

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Short Video Clip translation: Gymnast Kanaeva looks ahead to London Olympics

English translated by Tatiana Big Thanks You can never plan anything. I’m striving for going to Olympics because we will have selection; we will have many new starts, new program. And may be like half month before Olympics

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Evgenia Kanaeva: “I do not like to look at myself” (27-09-2011)

posted on: Originally written in Russian by Maria Nikulashkina from Moscow English version is translated and edited by catts (many many thanks my friend catts <3) At the World Championships 2011 in Montpellier, Evgenia Kanaeva won six gold medals … Continue reading

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Not Perfect but Happy Ending (the magic week in Montpellier)

Written by Zoe Wan Engilsh Version 要出發之前, 我一直很擔心此行不知能否順利, 擔心小兔寶的狀態. 如果她比的不好, 我會很傷心…而除了關心她的比賽, 我心裡也是有期待能與她有近距離接觸的機會, 能跟她說上幾句話, 拿到簽名, OK 因為自己準備了很漂亮的海報, 所以雖然以前小兔寶就寄過簽名照給我, 但我非常希望她能在那張我跟朋友花了很多心血做出來的海報上簽上她的名字. 第一天, 長途飛行真的很累, two hours Taiwan to HK then 12 more hours HK to Zurich 坐這一段時的感想就是, 俄羅斯怎麼那大啊, 我每次一睜開眼睛看著面前小螢幕上的飛行資訊時, 一直顯示還在俄羅斯領空, OMSK, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, … Continue reading

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