Evgenia Kanaeva: “I do not like to look at myself” (27-09-2011)

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Originally written in Russian by Maria Nikulashkina from Moscow
English version is translated and edited by catts (many many thanks my friend catts <3)

At the World Championships 2011 in Montpellier, Evgenia Kanaeva won six gold medals out of six and has became world champion in the individual all-around, in the four individual apparatus (ball, clubs, hoop and ribbon), as well as in the team competition – together with fellow team mates Darya Kondakova, Darya Dmitrieva and Alexandra Merkulova. The 21-year-old Russian gymnast has been the absolute world champion three times, and her number of gold medals won in the World Championships has reached 17.

On Tuesday Kanaeva, together with her friends in the national team, traveled to meet with Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy, Vitaly Mutko. Afterward, an interview was conducted by the correspondent of “SE Internet.”

Q: How do you feel as the three times absolute champion of the world?

A: I feel wonderful. However, upon the time I stepped down the podium I, generally speaking, have already thought about the new work that will be for the future.

Q: What are the general impressions of the World Championships?

A: Excellent, very positive. I am very glad that I was fortunate to perform at the World Championships in countries such as Japan (in Mie, 2009), Russia – last year the fans in Moscow were great, and in France. This is one of my favorite countries, where I love to compete in. The audience there is amazing.

Q: Did you feel the support?

A: Very strongly!

Q: What was the biggest difficulty that you faced in the World Cup in Montpellier?

A: The fact that the individual all-around competition – the most important competition of all – was held on the last day. Well, in principle, it has always been this way. Of course, there was not much strength left. But we, while were in preparation for this tournament, had done much body-building workouts so that I could survive this marathon and adequately handle it.
… But when there are receptions such as today’s, when we receive all congratulations and appreciations, this is indeed the most difficult to forget. What left behind are all cheerful emotions. (Laughs.)

Q: Which among all of your performances at the World Championships did you like most?

A: Oh, I cannot say. Each performance had something to remember. (Laughs). I honestly do not like to look at myself as it causes doubts at once. I would start thinking what I could have done and did not do so, and vice versa. If I start explaining what and how, I do not stop (laughs). Because I consider I still have many problems that need to be worked on.

Q: Irina Viner has made such comment: many people do not like the fact that Russian gymnasts are dominating RG. How do you yourself feel about it?

A: No, I do not feel anything. I perform not to provide a proof to anyone, but due to my love for it, and I want people to take pleasure from it. That is it. That is my goal.

Q: In Montpellier did you think of getting a one-hundred-percent performance?

A: Well, perfection is impossible … although in principle I was satisfied.

Q: The fact that this World Championships meant Olympics qualification, has this made it special?

A: Yes. First of all, it was the increased liability. The main goal was about qualifying for the Individual All Around competition of the Olympic Games.

Q: What is your impression on your rivals in this pre-Olympic tournament – the gymnasts from other countries?

A: Honestly, I saw no one. But there are girls of whom I am a fan. I like Luba Charkashina, a gymnast from Belarus, very much. We perform together a lot, and we were together in Beijing. She won two gold medals in the European Championship and is clearly a worthy contender. And a very nice person! (Laughs).

Q: What are your immediate plans?

A: I will fly off to rest by the sea now, and then resume training. Ahead of us there is the “Grand Prix’ final, and then we will be busy on compositing the new routines. We will work on them for three months.

Q: What specifically are you planning to work on during the offseason?

A: This is purely technical aspect. Specifically I will try to improve the amplitude.

Q: Have you already got the ideas for your new routines and their accompanying music?

A: Yes, but I do not want to talk about them. You will see all yourself … in February.

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  1. activschorle says:

    🙂 yeah ,no problem.thanks :):):):):)

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    To activschorle, sorry no Zhenya’s rope 2006 in Corbeil, I think TV didn’t broadcast rope final or not showed Zhenya’s rope, sorry…I only have her rope 2006 in other competitions

  3. activschorle says:

    Thanks:) but i got an other question:do you saw zhenyas corbeil-rope performance im 2006 ? i would like to see it.:)

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