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The President Dmitry Medvedev met outstanding athlete including RUS RG team

RUS president Dmitry Medvedev presented awards to outstanding athlete of world sports. This time was in residence Gorki. Zhenya and the RUS RG team were invited too. here’s the news article (photos and video)

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Zhenya was awarded “Woman of the Year 2011” by Glamour magazine

News Links: Zhenya was awarded as “Sportswoman of the Year”. Congratulations Zhenya!!!

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Event: Serie A Biella, 19th Nov 2011

(Photo by Tom Theobald) According to this article, looks like Zhenya will be in Italy this weekend for Serie A 2011 3rd stage, Biella. Zhenya will compete for A2 Etruria Prato. Good Luck to Her!!!

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Translation- Evgenia Kanaeva: I eat 3 times per day but I should eat twice

Original article link: A very long interview, released on 03-Nov-2011. English translated by Tatiana! Billion Thanks!!! and Thanks catts for a few modifications. We had to wait for this interview with Olympic Champion of Beijing for more than half of … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day and Guess

Taken by Tom Thoebald at WCH Montpellier 2011. OK it’s from one of the photos I bought from Tom, I think he doesn’t post this pic on internet.

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The Opening of the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Arctic Kirovsk

1:17-1:33 Viner says: (Many Thanks Tatiana for the translation!!!) Evgenia Kanaeva who is Olympic Champion, ask her where is she from: she is from small town near Omsk. Her grandma brought her to RG. Let’s look at Daria Kondakova: she … Continue reading

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Zhenya was rewarded national award “Russian of the Year” (03-Nov-2011)

1:07-1:23 Zhenya says: (Big Thanks Tatiana for the translation!!!) I have always worked pretty intensively because the rhythmic gymnastics “life” is short. At this moment we are getting ready for the new season, Olympic season. We are going to have qualification … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya Interview Photos in OMSK

I love this set of interviews photos very much, from one old interview, some questions were similar with some previous ones, once again mentioned me

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