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Added Zhenya’s Routines Music Information (including Gala) @Wiki Page!

Today, I added Zhenya’s routines music information (including gala) @her wiki page, in English, Chinese and Russian version. some routines no information, correct me or

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Video: Event Finals-WC Corbeil Essonnes 2008-NTV

Today finished the upload of Event Finals-WC Corbeil Essonnes 2008+Zhenya 4 EF routines NTV version. Zhenya looked a bit tired in this competition, but

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Grand Prix Berlin 2011, 27-28 Aug

This weekend Zhenya will fly to Germany for GP Berlin 2011, she did very very well @2009 and 2010, hope she can continue her good shape in Berlin this year too! Wish Zhenya all the Best! Good Luck to Her! … Continue reading

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Event: Universiade ShenZhen 2011 (with photos slide show)

Universiade ShenZhen 2011 videos album (11 videos) Today, Zhenya will fly to China for Universiade ShenZhen 2011. This is her first competition after a break since Sardinian Cup 2011. She won 5 golds in Universiade 2009 and help Russia … Continue reading

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Video: Grand Prix Moscow 2009

(GP Moscow 2009 videos album: ) Uploaded AA-Qualification-RUS Sport TV coverage (highlight) and Zhenya 4 AA routines first, this is Zhenya’s 2nd competition @ 2009, you can see her Carmen rope and

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Video: European Championships Baku 2009

Today I uploaded EC Baku 2009 EF to ZKG Vimeo Channel, it’s RUS Sport TV coverage, not showed all EF routines, only a highlight. I also cut Zhenya’s 4EF routines, and

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Short News Translation: Top Beauty Magazine Photo Sessions (02-Aug-2011)

(photo by Tom Theobald) News link: English Translated by Tatiana, Big Big Thanks!!! Training complex of Russian national team in Croatia received visitors – shooting group studio №IV (Oleg Naumov – photographer, Elena Ivanova-Tyagirova art-director). Photo-sessions with participation of Irina … Continue reading

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Guess! Prize is One Zhenya 1500 x 1000 Photo (with little watermark)

Time’s UP! Here’s the answers: 1. CariPrato 2007 2. Grand Prix Marbella 2010 🙂 —————————————————– This time is guess photos game 🙂 Below has two photos, please answer year and competitions’ names. I will send one Zhenya 1500 x 1000 … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya and Inna Hug-Complete Version-OG Beijing 2008-GIF

I wanted to do the gif for this moment since a long long time ago!!! I am sooo touched by Inna’s action and Zhenya’s emotional expression. I had a biased impression about Russian women, I always thought they are always … Continue reading

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