Video: Event Finals-WC Corbeil Essonnes 2008-NTV

Today finished the upload of Event Finals-WC Corbeil Essonnes 2008+Zhenya 4 EF routines NTV version. Zhenya looked a bit tired in this competition, but still she did very well, won 3 golds and 1 silver…for me Zhenya always has good shape in the competitions @France, GP Thiais and WC Corbeil Essonnes…and the world championships this year is in France, hopefully she can continue her good results!
Goooooooooo Zhenya!!!! 加油!!! (Davai in Chinese)

BTW, I always love the slow motion of Corbeil’s coverage, shows coaches’ expression and the gymnasts’ movements at the same time 🙂

Here’s the World Cup Corbeil Essonnes 2008 videos album (5 videos)

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