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Video: Irina Viner 60th Birthday Party-2008-RUS Sport TV

Big Thanks Belosnegka for sharing and allowing me to upload to ZKG video Channel !!! This party was held around Sep. 2008, after OG Beijing. Many RUS RG gymnasts plus

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Quiz Game 3! Same Prize-One Zhenya HQ Photo

( photo by Tom Theobald ) Time’s up! Moment of the Truth! 1. White, I am asking among “black, white and pink” these three colors, which one is Zhenya’s favorite. Watch this interview video-can’t be better @p.s. 21m:43s Zhenya answered … Continue reading

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Video: Grand Prix Moscow 2008

Uploaded Event Finals-GP Moscow 2008-RUS Sport TV coverage, 4 Zhenya AA routines, Zhenya’s 2 ribbons gala+full gala show TV coverage.

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Quiz Game 2: same with the 1st one, prize is one Zhenya’s HQ photo

Time’s up! Moment of the Truth 😀 1. Margarita Aliychuk 2. World Cup Kiev 2008 (Deriugina Cup 2008) 3. World Cup Corbeil Essonnes 2008 AA (Qualification), Clubs (19.075) — note by Zoe Wan: many people answered 3rd Q, EC Torino… yes Zhenya … Continue reading

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Quiz Game: answer correctly will be rewarded one Zhenya’s HQ photo

(photo by Kashlikov, taken @Ribbon Final-EC Minsk 2011) Time’s up! moment of the truth… The answers: 1. 23/Aug/2008 2. 29th World Championships Mie 2009 3. World Cup Minsk 2010, with Hoop ——————————— Three questions, answer all these three questions correctly will … Continue reading

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Video: World Cup Portimao 2008

After Grand Prix Thiais 2008, the 2nd competition that Zhenya won 5 golds in a competition in 2008! Uploaded Event Final-NTV coverage and 

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Sardinian Cup 2011 ITA RUS FRA @23-July

Zhenya will compete, Good Luck to Her! Schedule: 19:00-22:00 23-July 2011 Found an article here in this article mentioned Rai Sport 1 will broadcast highlight of this competition and of course it’s not live, TV broadcast schedule is not … Continue reading

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Video: World Cup Maribor 2008

Uploaded Event Final and Zhenya 4EF routines to ZKG Vimeo Channel, check this album (5videos now!) Enjoy your watching 🙂 ZKG will release Zhenya Special Montage Eposide Three NEXT MONTH! Stay Tuned! 😀 

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FIG News: The 2013 World Championships in Kiev!

News link here:,10869,5187-187975-19728-44545-314230-17968-5233-layout188-205197-news-item,00.html Don’t know if Zhenya will stay in 2013, anyway all I concern at this moment is OG London 2012, and Montpellier 2011…after OG 2012 just wait and see, for me…I won’t be so sad if Zhenya … Continue reading

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Video Interview Translation: What people think about Evgenia Kanaeva (Zhenya’s father and brother showed up in this interview!)

English translated by Tatiana, Billion Billion Thanks!!! She could hardly hold back her tears; it seemed she was about to cry.  But just moment later we could see serious expression on the face which before reflected inner sorrow. We felt … Continue reading

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