Picture of the Day: Zhenya and Inna Hug-Complete Version-OG Beijing 2008-GIF

Zhenya and Inna-precious moment-OG Beijing 2008-ZKG
I wanted to do the gif for this moment since a long long time ago!!! I am sooo touched by Inna’s action and Zhenya’s emotional expression. I had a biased impression about Russian women, I always thought they are always like cold mountain beauty (am I write this word correctly? hahaha) anyway I mean I thought they always look sooo cool, wouldn’t show many emotion. But Zhenya just broke my prejudice, she cried so badly and that really deeply touched my heart.

Plus I have a very complete broadcast version, a version without commentator. It’s ivr format, and I didn’t know if there is any software could edit ivr file at that time, that’s why I keep it sooo long time and didn’t do it. But now realplayer provide edit tool in its basic program, I finally can make it!

This broadcast shows that moment completely, all others TV coverage I have ever watched and I collected don’t show their hug from the beginning! There is a lag in one frame because I combine two clips to make this gif, the broadcast shows this moment with two separate clips, one is after Zhenya finishing her ribbon, 2nd is in the end of this broadcast, it shows the beginning of this moment…that’s why I need to cut two clips and combine!

And I cut the video and uploaded to ZKG Youtube Channel
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI5B_b9ztWg


當年這幕真的是非常感人啊, 加上可能是我的刻板印象吧. 覺得俄羅斯女孩都是冰山美人, 所以看到小兔寶這麼激動, 哭的這麼厲害, 真是大大顛覆我的偏見, 也深深為她的真情流露所動容.

當年我下載了很多轉播版本, 唯獨有一個版本在影片結尾的時候, show出兩個人擁抱的一開頭. 其他任何一家電視轉播我都沒看到過. 長久以來就很想把這段做成gif檔, 但因為那是ivr格式. 之前一直不知道這格式是否能剪輯. 如今realplayer本身就附帶剪輯工具, 因此我終於能把這段做成gif了 . 因為這是兩段影片結合剪出來的. 因此gif檔中間有lag一下, 請見諒.

影片-土豆網: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/kdbloMhOJoQ/

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4 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya and Inna Hug-Complete Version-OG Beijing 2008-GIF

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Tanya: I think “lack of information” is one of the reason of the prejudice-“Russians are cold character people”…and another one I think is coming from many Hollywood movies, those movies always have formulaic description about some other countries’ people…such as Russian, Middle-East countries people, Chinese etc…

  2. Tatiana says:

    In Google Chrome gif plays very nice as well. Haha i don’t know why people think that we are The Russians are ‘COLD” character people? Interesting…

  3. I was always very touched too by this scene!! It was the first competition of RG then I followed and as you (Zoe) I imagine her as a “cold” character. So when I saw her I was so touched by her true feelings.

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    I found seems with IE9 the gif play more smoothly

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