Video: Grand Prix Moscow 2009

(GP Moscow 2009 videos album: )

Uploaded AA-Qualification-RUS Sport TV coverage (highlight) and Zhenya 4 AA routines first, this is Zhenya’s 2nd competition @ 2009, you can see her Carmen rope and Spartacus ball in this competition, her 1st version of these two apparatus @2009. Actually I love Carmen rope, Spartacus ball, especially Carmen rope…too bad since no rope till 2016, it’s almost impossible to see Zhenya doing her Carmen rope again…I will upload EF TV coverage next few days, the quota of my account @vimeo is almost full in this week, plus account can upload 5GB/ per week, so have to wait two days then I can upload more.

這是2009年小兔寶的第二個比賽, 可以看到她那年最初的成套-Carmen rope跟Spartacus ball (後來改了), 我一直也挺喜歡這兩首音樂跟編排, 尤其是Carmen rope…可惜直到2016都不會有繩子, 也表示想看到小兔寶重新再跳Carmen rope 幾乎是不可能了 . 過兩天會再上傳決賽電視轉播版, 這星期在vimeo的quota快滿了, plus帳戶一週能傳5GB…

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  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Uploaded EF and Zhenya 4EF routines, check GP Moscow 2009 videos album, next will upload Gala (11 videos)

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