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Added Zhenya’s Routines Music Information (including Gala) @Wiki Page!

Today, I added Zhenya’s routines music information (including gala) @her wiki page, in English, Chinese and Russian version. some routines no information, correct me or

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Poll: Vote Your Top 5 Zhenya Music 2006-2011 (including gala)

Kanaeva-Hoop 2010-Full Version-Rite of the Spring-1st part-L’Adoration de la terre-Stravinsky Here let’s play another poll! Vote your top 5 Zhenya music 2006-2011 including gala music! For me, it’s very difficult to choose only 5! because I love all Zhenya 2008 … Continue reading

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Russian Lyrics: Kadril Veselaya-Zhenya 2 Ribbons Gala

I remembered some people would like to know the Russian lyrics of Zhenya’s 2 ribbons Gala-Kadril Veselaya. So I asked my new friend-Tatiana to write down the lyrics for me. MANY THANKS Tatiana!!!

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