Grand Prix Berlin 2011, 27-28 Aug

This weekend Zhenya will fly to Germany for GP Berlin 2011, she did very very well @2009 and 2010, hope she can continue her good shape in Berlin this year too!
Wish Zhenya all the Best! Good Luck to Her! Davai 加油!!!

Official website:
Saturday, 27. August 2011, 13.00
Grand Prix All Around (Qualification)

Sunday, 28. August 2011, 13.00
Grand Prix Finals

Participants List:
AUS       Murray, Janine
AUT        Weber, Caroline
AZE        Garayeva, Aliya
AZE        Gurbanova, Anna
BLR       Rabtsava, Hanna
BUL       Miteva, Silviya
CZE        Mícková, Monika
ESP        Garcia, Natalia
ESP        Usón, Julia (a.K.)
FRA        Ledoux, Delphine
GER       Berezko-Marggrander, Jana
GER       Jung, Laura
GRE       Filiou, Varvara
ISR         Meirzon, Yelena
ISR         Rivkin, Neta
KAZ        Alyabyeva, Anna
KAZ        Petrakova, Marina (a.K.)
KOR       Son, Yoen Jae
POL        Mitrosz, Joanna
ROU       Piscupescu, Alexandra
RSA       Van Rooyen, Aimee (a.K.)
RSA       Van Rooyen, Julene
RUS       Dmitrieva,Daria
RUS       Kanaeva, Evgeniya
RUS       Kondakova, Daria
RUS       Merkulova, Alexandra
SLO       Šeme, Tjaša
SVK       Okáliová, Natália

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25 Responses to Grand Prix Berlin 2011, 27-28 Aug

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Big Thanks Michel’s Zhenya EF videos, very good quality!!!
    Zhenya’s gala-GP Berlin 2011, she just did her ball routine without apparatus…

    Zhenya Chopin Fantastic Ribbon

    Zhenya Clubs final

    Zhenya Ball final

    Zhenya Hoop final

    @Michel, thanks for the impression! And yesterday was Zhenya mom’s birthday, maybe that’s one of the reason she performed so well :)))

  2. Michel says:

    I’m since 4 hours back at home :). I can say, yesterday Evgeniya wasn’t more so tired… no… she was fantastic! Like a new person, she smiled finally again :D. So I would like to always see our Evgeniya!

    Ohh this weekend was so great…. autograph from Evgeniya on that “Sweet Lemon” photo :P, from Daria D., from Caroline and now my fourth from Aliya XD. lol yesterday I was dinner eating with Barny and others after the competition… so funny. The new hostel (last year I was in the official hotel) ist only 800 meter away from the hall etc. The two extra days in Berlin etc. great great great!

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @janyeating, Thanks for answering my question 🙂
    嗯 對 這週末去烏茲別克比世界杯, 再來就是今年最重要的比賽世錦賽了, 一步一步, 小兔寶穩定的前進吧! 加油!!!

  4. janyeating says:



  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Laura, if you count from 2009, then it’s 15 golds of 15!!! incredible, even like Michel and some people said Zhenya was tired in this competition, but Zhenya is sooo good to cope with her tiredness and do her best to keep good results. What a gymnast! and may I ask what does the Russian word mean?

    By the way, when will you arrive on Montpellier, do you only buy AA final day ticket? See you there next month 🙂

  6. Laura says:

    Pozdravlyayu Zhenya!!! 5 golds of 5!! That’s completely awesome!! I’m so proud to be a Zhenya’s fan!
    @Michel, you were so lucky to be there!!

  7. ZKG-WanWan says:

    EF broadcast here right now
    but very bad stop all the time…

  8. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya sweep all golds @GP Berlin again!!! She took all golds in 2009, 2010 and 2011, incredible and amazing!!! 膜拜ing!!!

    Ribbon Final Results
    Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.500
    Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 29.400
    Silviya Miteva (BUL) – 28.550
    Neta Rivkin (ISR) – 28.000
    Anna Alyabyeva (KAZ) – 27.750
    Caroline Weber (AUT) – 27.700
    Joanna Mitrosz (POL) – 27.450
    Aliya Garayeva (AZE) – 27.350
    Laura Jung (GER) – 26.625

    Zhenya Chopin Fantastic Ribbon 29.500!!! now have to wait Kondakova’s result…

    Clubs Final Results
    Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.550
    Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 29.100
    Silviya Miteva (BUL) – 28.450
    Aliya Garayeva (AZE) – 27.650
    Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 27.600
    Neta Rivkin (ISR) – 27.600
    Caroline Weber (AUT) – 27.550
    Joanna Mitrosz (POL) – 27.550
    Laura Jung (GER) – 26.875

    Ball Final Results
    Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.450
    Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 29.300
    Aliya Garayeva (AZE) – 28.550
    Silviya Miteva (BUL) – 28.200
    Anna Alyabyeva (KAZ) – 28.200
    Joanna Mitrosz (POL) – 27.500
    Jana Berezko-Marggrander (GER) – 27.350
    Caroline Weber (AUT) – 27.350
    Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 27.200

    Hoop final results
    Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.450
    Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 29.000
    Aliya Garayeva (AZE) – 28.450
    Anna Alyabyeva (KAZ) – 28.000
    Silviya Miteva (BUL) – 27.900
    Joanna Mitrosz (POL) – 27.600
    Neta Rivkin (ISR) – 27.450
    Caroline Weber (AUT) – 27.350
    Jana Berezko-Marggrander (GER) – 27.150

  9. ZKG-WanWan says:

    AA full results with detailed scores
    AA Results-GP Berlin 2011

  10. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Full AA results check here
    1. Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 117.325
    2. Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 115.650
    3. Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 115.425
    4. Alexandra Merkulova (RUS) – 112.975
    5. Silviya Miteva (BUL) – 112.600
    6. Aliya Garayeva (AZE) – 110.325
    7. Joanna Mitrosz (POL) – 109.825
    8. Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 109.250
    9. Neta Rivkin (ISR) – 109.175
    10. Anna Alyabyeva (KAZ) – 109.125
    11. Caroline Weber (AUT) – 108.825
    12. Yeon Jae Son (KOR) – 107.075
    13. Laura Jung (GER) – 106.025
    14. Jana Berezko-Marggrander (GER) – 105.975
    15. Varvara Filiou (GRE) – 105.725
    16. Alexandra Piscupescu (ROU) – 104.775
    17. Anna Gurbanova (AZE) – 104.475
    18. Natalia Garcia (ESP) – 104.300
    19. Alexandra Narkevich (BLR) – 104.050
    20. Yelena Meirzon (ISR) – 102.425
    21. Monika Mickova (CZE) – 102.250
    22. Tjasa Seme (SLO) – 101.975
    23. Julene van Rooyen (RSA) – 98.000
    24. Janine Murray (AUS) – 97.050
    25. Jana Duchnovska (SVK) – 95.925

  11. Michel says:

    Too bad that Aliya lost a few times her handset :(. But I’m glad that the two Germans showed a decent performanc, that make hopes for the future. But the surprise was Jae Yeon Son’s performances, she had a lot of joy (I missed that at Evgeniya.)….. a deserved “Miss Turnier” (=Miss Tournament).
    Today I took pictures, tomorrow I filming everything.

    Btw, It was so surreal to touch Evgeniya 0.o

  12. Michel says:

    Evgeniya looked a bit tired at the competition. Yes, absolutely perfect routines, but almost no emotion or feeling. She went out, showed her routine and went back. I think she needs now rest before the WC.

    Ohh and I had luck :D. I was the only one at the exit, which could get an autograph from Evgeniya. It was raining, so every gymnast ran to the bus.

  13. ZKG-WanWan says:

    AA results after 2nd group competition ended
    1. Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 117.325
    2. Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 115.650
    3. Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 115.425
    4. Alexandra Merkulova (RUS) – 112.975
    5. Silviya Miteva (BUL) – 112.600
    6. Aliya Garayeva (AZE) – 110.325
    7. Joanna Mitrosz (POL) – 109.825
    8. Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 109.250

    13. Laura Jung (GER) – 106.025
    14. Jana Berezko-Marggrander (GER) – 105.975

  14. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @activschorle , you are welcome, and Laura I just watched 3 Zhenya’s AA routines in youtbe, (no ball AA) she is PERFECT with clubs and my favorite Chopin ribbon, can’t wait to see her live performance in Montpellier!!!!

  15. activschorle says:

    im so angry!i want to be in berlin… zhenya isnt so often in germany and the competions are in big cities like berlin :D. and last year there was the EC in bremen, and i thought :oh no! it was too late! so thanks for the info and TSCHÜSS 🙂 bye

  16. Laura says:

    Congrats Zhenya!! Very very very good this time!! She got more than 29 in all of her routines!!
    I’m so happy )) All the best for EF!!
    I’m happy for Dmitrieva too. I like her so much and she finally could beat Kondakova ))

  17. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Congratulations! Zhenya won AA and enter to 4 finals wish her all the BEST for EF tomorrow!!!
    AA results:
    1. Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS) – 117.325
    2. Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 115.650
    3. Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 115.425
    4. Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 109.250
    5. Caroline Weber (AUT) – 108.825
    6. Yeon Jae Son (KOR) – 107.725

  18. ZKG-WanWan says:

    AA 1st group 4th round Reifen/hoop: Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.050 Reifen/hoop: Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 28.900 Reifen/hoop: Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 28.750 Keulen/clubs: Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 27.300 Ball/ba⋯⋯
    AA 1st group 3rd round Zhenya Chopin Ribbon YA!!!!!!! Bravo!!!
    Band/ribbon: Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.525 Band/ribbon: Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 29.175 Band/ribbon: Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 29.000 Ball/ball: Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 27.575 Reifen/
    AA 1st group 2nd round Keulen/clubs: Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.400 Keulen/clubs: Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 29.000 Keulen/clubs: Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 28.900 Band/ribbon: Caroline Weber (AUT) – 27.325 Reifen/⋯⋯

  19. ZKG-WanWan says:

    AA/ Qualification 1st group 1st round
    Ball: Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) – 29.350 Ball: Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) – 28.850 Ball: Daria Kondakova (RUS) – 28.500 Band: Delphine Ledoux (FRA) – 27.250

  20. Xavier says:

    Wow! They compete a lot! lol.

  21. Michel says:

    Yes unfortunately….. Kondakova replaced Yana. Is now my third event and always without Yana. Maybe next year XD. But in any case I’m really glad that there are two German and a Austrian gymnast. *yeah now 10 hours*

  22. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Michel: but no Lukonina orz…….wish you having a good time in Berlin 🙂

  23. Michel says:

    I will cross my fingers again for Evgeniya in Berlin, In 12 hours goes my bus & train ^-^. I’m pleased that this time come four Russians to the competition and finally two Germans 0.0, but unfortunately no Ukraines :(.

    Viel Glück Jewgenija! (Good luck Evgeniya!)

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