Picture of the Day: Positive Animals!

Picture I got from Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana ❤❤❤
She sent me this picture yesterday…She said to me: “Just little positive animals for you today! Those pandas remind me people so much))) I just saw the picture and thought, wow, even they help each other…In the moments when we are down , we need someone to lift us up….And that’s why there are great people like you and your friends, you do lift Zhenya and me up always…Thank you!
Love from Omsk. Svetlana
May God bless you, your family and your frineds О:-)

Such a wonderful and goodhearted person-Svetlana, I am sooo touched by this picture and by her warm words ❤❤❤

and here a little story about me and panda…In the end of 2009, my very good Russian friend Alyona told me: “Today in the news on TV I saw one Panda bear which was brought to Russia from China. And the name of Panda is… WAN WAN。” XDDD WanWan is my nickname, one of my very good high school classmates repeated my surname “Wan” to let it sounds cute 😀
I even wrote a short article about this funny news check here :DDDD
Funny news: Panda bear-WANWAN

See! I am destined to connect with Zhenya and her family haha 😀

P.S. I really have to find one day to see the pandas in Taipei city zoo! China sent two pandas to Taipei city zoo for several years and I never go to see them…

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1 Response to Picture of the Day: Positive Animals!

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    hahaha I posted this picture in my vk account too, and tag Zhenya and me, I am the one below and Zhenya is the one above, Zhenya saw it and click “like” and left comment “))))” 😀 ❤

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