World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2011-May 13-15 (FRA)

(Zhenya invited her coach Vera Shtelbaums to the podium and gave her flower to her coach-a very touching moment-WC Corbeil 2011 EF-taken by RC ♥♥♥)
Check her wonderful EF photos album “here” (clubs+ribbon+podium+others)

This weekend coming up the 7th World Cup series this season-World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes! (10 World Cup series this season totaled, included one group competiton, so there are 9 World Cup series include individual competitions)
Zhenya ever won two consecutive years AA champion here (2007 & 2008)

and 7 EF golds+2 silvers (7 golds: 2006 ball, 2007 rope+hoop+ribbon, 2008 rope+hoop+clubs and 2 silvers 2006 ribbon, 2008 ribbon) but she didn’t compete since 2009. she planned to be here last year but bad luck she had a serious fever and have to rest.
Official Website:
FIG start list updated @10-May-2011
Start List-Qualification/AA-WC Corbeil Essonnes 2011
Schedule @  homepage

Wish Zhenya ALL THE BEST DAVAI GO GO GO!!! Good Luck to HER!!!

Photos Album-Hoop and Ball-AA-WC Corbeil 2011 taken by my friend RC

Start List-AA (Qualification) ,
Zhenya in Group A her order 2, 31, 13, 44 (Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon)
Competition time group A day 1-14:15-16:45, day 2-20:15-22:30
Live stream by Marc:

BTW, let’s review her wonderful “Walls of Akendora” ribbon performance in 2007. Back to then, when Zhenya stepped onto the carpet the background music in the hall didn’t stop and her music didn’t play, Zhenya just bursted to laugh, sooo cute and sweeeet. How could she reacted to this situation with “laugh” 😀 normally you will get nervous when something happened like this. It’s one of her most classic and precious moment in my opinion. (L) and after that small accident, she finished a beautiful and almost flawless ribbon routine confidently and won gold! Her stability and strong mind showed here completely!

Here you are her “Walls of Akendora” ribbon and I love this black leo sooo MUCH, she rarely wears black leo, I think only two (this one and 2009 ball in early season-Sessina’s leo), hopefully she will wear another one in the future 🙂


(photos by my friend RC, check her photos album here)
RC’s photos album-clubs and ribbon-qualification-WC Corbeil 2011

這週末迎來第七個世界盃系列分站賽-WC Corbeil-Essonnes 2011! 今年共有10個世界盃系列分站賽, 其中包含一個只比Group的 (四月下旬在俄羅斯Nizhny Novgorod舉行的), 所以有個人競賽的共九個分站賽.
小兔寶曾經在這連續兩年AA奪冠 (2007 & 2008) 並拿下共7面決賽金牌+2面銀牌  (7 golds: 2006 ball, 2007 rope+hoop+ribbon, 2008 rope+hoop+clubs and 2 silvers 2006 ribbon, 2008 ribbon). 但從2009年後沒在這比賽過, 原本去年要比的, 但卻發燒了只能在場邊休息.

Schedule @  homepage (截圖看上面英文版)
Start List-Qualification/AA-WC Corbeil Essonnes 2011

祝小兔寶好運!!! 加油 加油 GO GO GO!!!

Photos Album-Hoop and Ball-AA-WC Corbeil 2011 taken by my friend RC 

順道來回味一下2007年她那絕美的Walls of Akendora的彩帶 (L)
當時, 她走進地毯時, 現場背景音樂沒有停止, 她居然在偷笑, 竟然是以偷笑來化解這小意外, 一般人應該都是會更緊張才對, 真的是超經典, 超可愛的畫面, 而且接著馬上以接近完美的表現奪下金牌, 完全沒受到這意外插曲的影響, 小兔寶的穩定性跟心理素質之好在此展現無疑.

我很喜歡她當時穿的這件黑色的衣服, 非常高雅好看, 她很少穿黑色的Leotard, 印象中只穿過兩件-這件跟2009年初球的成套那件 (Sessina的衣服), 希望以後設計師可以幫她設計黑色的Leotard!

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11 Responses to World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2011-May 13-15 (FRA)

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    你那張圖是2009年底幫義大利俱樂部比賽穿的, 那是那個義大利RG俱樂部的隊服, 並不是她們俄羅斯的衣服, 至於EMS, 那是快遞, 只要有人簽收就可以了, Novogorsk那麼大, 當然有人可以代簽, 即使一定要她親自簽收, 除非她長時間在國外, 不然回到莫斯科後一樣可以去郵局領件, 郵件又不是沒給時間, 通常要超過時間沒人領才會退件. 對於奧運那件繩子的衣服, 真是耿耿於懷, 那麼大的比賽還讓她穿前輩的衣服, 那件很多人穿過, 最早穿的人是Vera Sessina, 應該做件全新的給小兔寶啊, 俄羅斯錢最多了

  2. 巧瑩(之前的巧巧哦) says:


  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya-Ball-Final-WC Corbeil 2011, Billion Thanks fatalbeauty!!!
    This is SOOOO Beautiful routine <333 I totally don't think it's not as good as Dorian Gray one 🙂 now, love so much the arrangement-same starting and ending pose! This is really like the Chinese circle concept!: Beginning is the end, end is the beginning: In the circle, in a hoop that never ends (生生不息)

    Zhenya ribbon final!!! Big Big Thanks fatalbeauty!!!
    Ohhh even not perfect flawless but I am totally in LOVE with this routine <333
    Zhenya you are such an amazing, outstanding and wonderful gymnast!!!! I love you sooooo MUCH!!!!!

    Zenya hoop final, Thanks fatalbeauty again!!! wonderful Zhenyaaaa

    Zhenya clubs final, big thanks fatalbeauty !!!! Almost perfect!!! love the ending!!!!!

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    EF-Full results-snapshot!

    1 RUS KANAEVA Evgenia ribbon 29.650 !!!!!! GOLD!!!!!!!!!!
    4GOLDS Zhenya today!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well Well Done!!!!!!

    1 RUS KANAEVA Evgenia clubs 29.500!!!!!!!!

    Hoop and Ball EF results

    Zhenya ball final: 29.425!!!!!!
    Zhenya Hoop final: 29.300 greatttttttt!!!! Thanks Valeryia!!!!

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Start List for EF! Goooooo Zhenya Davaiiiiii !!!!!!

    Click to access ODP_Finales.pdf

    Full results-AA-WC Corbeil 2011

    Click to access qualifications_general.pdf

  6. ZKG-WanWan says:

    AA results :1. Kanaeva 2. Dmitrieva 3. Charkashyna.
    Congratulations Zhenya!!!!!! and She made 4 finals! Gooooooo for EF!!!!!!!!

    Zhenya ribbon AA, she is sooooooo good till the mistakes of the end, but still beautifulllllllllllllllll I can’t stop watching this routine <3333333

    Zhenya clubs, new LEOTARD! I love it!!!!!! little mistake but good routine!!!!

  7. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya ribbon AA-29.250!!!!!!!!!! Wel Well Done!!!! Many Thanks Valeryia!!!!
    and My friend RC said: not only the audience even the jourlists all screamed Bravo for Zhenya’s Chopin Ribbon <3333333

  8. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Photos album for AA-hoop & ball WC Corbeil 2011 taken by my friend RC! Many Many Thanks!!!!!! <333
    Photos Album-Hoop and Ball-AA-WC Corbeil 2011 taken by RC

  9. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Results-AA, Zhenya got 29.225 for Hoop and 29.250 for ball
    Ball group A :
    Hoop group A :

    Zhenya Ball AA-beautiful~~~ Thanks fatalbeauty

    Zhenya Hoop AA-good routine!!! Thanks fatalbeauty

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