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Maria Titova the Swan website (off topic)

(wallpaper by my friend Hershey, Big Big Thanks!!!) Edited 10th May 2013 I created a fans website for Maria Titova, hopefully to provide more information about her for fans. And Wish her all the BEST. Good Luck and Davai Masha!!! … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Positive Animals!

Picture I got from Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana ❤❤❤ She sent me this picture yesterday…She said to me: “Just little positive animals for you today! Those pandas remind me people so much))) I just saw the picture and thought, wow, even they … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Day with a lovely pic sending by Svetlana ♥

Today is the Easter Day, Happy Easter Day to ALL, although I am not a Christian and don’t celebrate this holiday. Attched a lovely picture sending from Zhenya’s Mom Svetlana,

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Spring Rolls 2011/ 春捲 2011-for Tomb-Sweeping Day 清明節-05-Apr-2011


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Black Swan: I felt it,the perfect!

(Designed by Joao Lucas) Finally,I watched this movie in theater last week. It’s a great movie, I love it! And the performance of Natalie Portman was sooooo good, this movie wouldn’t be so brilliant without HER! No wonder I love … Continue reading

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May God Bless Japan and Everyone!

I think many people have already known there was a big earthquake in Japan this afternoon! My deepest condolences to those persons who passed away in this accident and their relatives.

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hahaha 怎麼還可以更新

呃…怎麼還能編輯啊…. 過一會再把這篇刪了 Hahaha why I can still update???!!!! I will delete this article later

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Cai Guo-Qiang:Hanging Out in the Museum

A great exhibition that I visited recently – "Cai Guo-Qiang: Hanging Out in the Museum" the title of this work – the top photo I posted is "Head On" – Qiang made 99 wolves and they head on and hit to a transparent wallmeans … Continue reading

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Off-Topic: My Saxophone Performance-29.Dec.2009

Allow me to post something about myself…….. 今天晚上是台大薩克斯風社的季末成果發表會,我早早就報名要參與,哪知今天早上發現我的那把Saxophone聲音怪怪的,趁著中午休息趕緊拿去樂器行檢修,我的運氣可真是背到極點,到了樂器行,裡頭的人說,修理Sax的師傅休假中。。。。。 剛好有位從蘆洲來的技師,就說先幫我看一下。哇,感激涕零,But…災難還沒結束,這位技師檢查了下說: 我的Sax漏氣很嚴重,今日無法修好,問我很急著要用嗎?晚上要上台吹奏了,我只好跟他說看能否緊急處理一下。同時,我趕緊打電話給以前的Sax老師問他是否有多的Saxophone可以借我一把,老師很快的答應可以借我一把Tenor Sax。我的那把終歸是無法立刻處理好,只好留在那靜待師傅休假後回來幫我看。除了這個緊急意外事件還加上早上我不小心扭到左腳踝,導致行動不便,有點跛行,真是什麼狀況都撞在一起。 Anyway,我順利拿到一把Tenor Sax,晚上到了現場,吃了Pizza喝了飲料後開始抽籤排表演順序,第一位被抽到的人沒來,我是第二位,自然就順勢遞補變成首位上場表演的人。吼吼,這算是幸運嗎 。表演開始,In a Sentimental Mood前面吹的還算順利,但哪知道到了中間間奏的時候,負責播放音樂的老師以為我吹完了,就把音樂fade out,然後卡了…..Orz。我說我還沒吹完耶,也怪我自己沒準備即興solo,所以讓他誤解我的吹奏結束了。還好後來他們讓我有 2nd chance,所以下面放的影片是第二次上場的表演,而且是我要求要多吹一首Close to You。因為 Close to You 是臨時追加的,所以我才看譜吹。昨天真的狀況連連,definitely not my day。 始終練的不夠純熟,所以還是發生失誤,但總之我吹完了,用不是自己的樂器表演完兩首歌,感謝到現場幫我錄影的朋友,以下就是我兩首歌曲表演。 P.S. 比較悶的是這星期我都沒樂器可以練了,調整要下禮拜才會好,我想念我的Tenor889 。 In a Sentimental Mood Tudou on-line link reading

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