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Translation-Evgenia Kanaeva: Goal is to show my internal “I” (internal world) and to make less mistakes

Original article link: English Translated by Tatiana (MANY THANKS!!!) Absolute winner of Moscow Stage of Grand-Prix Evgenia Kanaeva estimated her perfomance by the end of competition. She also underlined that she will need to make some corrections to program in … Continue reading

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Short Article Translation: Gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva Won the Moscow Stage of Grand Prix

photo by Catherine Nuville @GP Thiais 2010 Original article link: Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva won the all-around at the first stage of the Grand Prix Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup Gazprom, which took place in Moscow Universal Sports Hall of Friendship. … Continue reading

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with Love from Taiwan-My Connection with Zhenya and Her Family (附上我的愛)-English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish!

English, Chinese written by Zoe Wan, Russian translated by Tatiana and Spanish translated by Ana (Billion Billion thanks!!!<333) “with Love from Taiwan” this title is inspired from a title of a book that I love very much-“From Newbury with Love: … Continue reading

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Grand Prix Moscow 2011 (with news video+short article translation)

Finally, this is Zhenya’s first comeptiton in 2011-Grand Prix Moscow!!! Schedule: Start List for Qualification: Zhenya in Group 2, her order 9 25 41 57 (Hoop Ball Clubs Ribbon) Time: 15:30-17:40 Local time here’s the translation for the … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya the Little Bunny XD ♥ (gif)

This is toooo cuuuuuuuuute, I can’t help to watch it over and over again!!! And it match the nickname “Little Bunny” that we gave Zhenya 🙂 ♥ It looks like she knew this nickname then to imitate the little bunny。(I … Continue reading

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Translation: News Report-Russia Youth Championship, Samara 2011

English translated by Tatiana (Many Many Thanks ♥♥♥ ) Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team (with its strongest members) participated  in Championship of Russia which was held in Samara. By the words of main coach Irina Viner these competition were the … Continue reading

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Translation: Zhenya 2011 TV Interview by Spanish TV

English translated by Gaby (BILLION THANKS!!!) Skip the introduction of the 2:30 mins in the beginning Interviewer:I Zhenya: EK 2.35 I: Thank you very much for coming to our studio. Welcome to our show. 2.37 EK: Thank you

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Zhenya new routines-2011!

Ladies and Gentlement!!! Here comes the Ribbon 2011 first!!! Music: Chopin Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66

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Guess! What’s the color of the leotard Zhenya will use with her new green ball? XD

Just for Fun XDDD please leave your opinion here! thank you 🙂 Here I mean the new leotard in the future! Everyone can leave comments! You  just need to type a name, it’s very easy! I will give a reward … Continue reading

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Zhenya didn’t go to Miss Valentine, she will participate Russia Youth Championship this weekend

(training photo from Russia Youth Championship, Samara 2011-10-13.Feb.2011) News link: It’s a Youth Championship, the oldest gymnasts who compete at this championship are 1996. And Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana told me: Zhenya and other seniors from national team will try their … Continue reading

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