Translation-Evgenia Kanaeva: Goal is to show my internal “I” (internal world) and to make less mistakes

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English Translated by Tatiana (MANY THANKS!!!)

Absolute winner of Moscow Stage of Grand-Prix Evgenia Kanaeva estimated her perfomance by the end of competition. She also underlined that she will need to make some corrections to program in near future.

-I feel great, -Kanaeva exclaimed. – There is great support here and immense love of audience. I guess its the most important for me and for each sportsman actually.

-which routine are you happy with mostly?
-I’m satisfied with something in each routine. But of course I’m not happy with my ball routine perfomance.

– Lost apparatus at the end of routine is it disappointing mistake for you?
– Sure it is. We will work in order not to repeat it.

-Did you managed to talk to your coach about today performance?

-What did she say?
-Of course, she was happy with some things and not happy with others. We will get back to work after day off. We will be correcting program and see what is better to use and where.

-Before this start you told that you will try rectifying mistakes which you had in Samara. Have you managed to do it?
-I didn’t make those mistakes today. (smiling)

-What mark would you give yourself for Moscow performance?
-3.5 (laughing) (*in Russia highest point is 5, excellent in other words)

-When did you start training for new season 2011?
-November-December. My choreographer Irina Borisovna Zenovka has begun producing my new programs. My coach Vera Efremovna Schtelbaums and everyone around were helping.

-What are the changes?
– We’ve changed complete program. We added new elements in each apparatus routine. We are trying to perfect ourselves.

-You are performing each routine in different leotards. Why so?
-In order to match everything with music and apparatus. It should be harmony.

-You have the very beautiful music for your routines. Who choose it?
-My choreographer, my coach and my main coach. We have an agreement. If all of us like it we take that music.

-Do you have any particular goals for this season?
-Sure. I put goal for myself to perform all programs with joy, to show my internal “I” (internal world) and, of course, to make as less mistakes as possible.

-How much did rivalry increase now?
-I don’t think about rivalry. I’m focusing on other things: how should I perform my program, how to execute each routine and each element. I do it for audience, judges and everyone who came.

-Irina Aleksandrovna Viner said that you like nobody else deserve to become 2 times Olympic Champion. How did you take these words?
-You know, by this moment I would love to get to EC. I can’t think about what is gonna happen in 2, 1.5, 1 year. Now I need to compete at the stages of Grand-prix and World Cups in order to get to more important competition such as EC and World Championship.

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Evgenia Kanaeva:目標是展現內在的自我及減少失誤
中譯:Zoe Wan

莫斯科大獎賽的絕對贏家Evgenia Kanaeva在賽後評估自己的表現。她並強調最近將會對新的成套做一些修正。

我感覺很好-Evgenia Kanaeva 表示,我在這裡感受到觀眾巨大的愛跟支持。我想這對我是最重要的,實際上對每一個運動員都是如此。





-比賽前你談到你會避免再犯在Samara (俄羅斯青年錦標賽) 時所犯的失誤,你做到了嗎?

-3.5 (笑) (Note by Tatiana: 對俄羅斯人而言,最高分是5分,指 excellent 非常傑出)。

-去年11、12月,我的編舞師Irina Borisovna Zenovka開始編我的節目。我的教練 Vera Efremovna Schtelbaums還有周圍的每個人都幫助我。




-當然有。我對自己設定目標,要帶著喜悅去表演我的成套,展現內在的自我 (內在的世界) 以及,盡可能減少失誤。


-國家對主教練Irina Aleksandrovna Viner說除了你沒有別人更值得成為第二次奧運冠軍,對於這些話你怎麼看?

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    加上中譯,很抱歉拖了這麼久。Added Chinese translation, sorry for the late!
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    BTW, about Merkulova…Look at the label “Longines” on Zhenya’s leotard! Zhenya is the ambassador of “Longines” and “Longines” is the biggest sponsor of FIG! so not too worry, even Merkulova really get great support from Viner, Zhenya also has a great sponsor-“Longines”! 🙂

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