Short Article Translation: Gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva Won the Moscow Stage of Grand Prix

photo by Catherine Nuville @GP Thiais 2010
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Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva won the all-around at the first stage of the Grand Prix Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup Gazprom, which took place in Moscow Universal Sports Hall of Friendship. Kanaeva scored a total 114.55 points and won the tournament. The second and third places were taken by Russians Daria Kondakova (111.45) and Yana Lukonina (109.50).

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English translated by Tatiana (MANY THANKS!!!)

Evgenia Kanaeva was unsatisfied with perfomance of her new program. “I made several small mistakes, but those are small for audience, and big for me. I’m maximalist and trying to do right everything. Moreover it’s the 1st start of season, in order to perfect my program I missed competition in Estonia. My coach Vera Schtelbaums said today after my performance that there is still work to do. She was happy with something, and not with other things. I think that I have to work on ball routine especially, it’s very difficult apparatus.” To the question about the level of juniors Kanaeva answered: “These girls are growing up under our eyes, their time will come soon, they are gonna work like previous gymnasts. Once Irina Chaschina and Alina Kabaeva were training before my eyes. We were watching how they worked, how much strenght they put on it, and it was a great example for us”

At the same time Evgenia doesn’t think about Olympics perspectives. “Next stage of Grand Prix is near, I need to get to London yet – we get raiting from tournament to tournament ” the quesion how is she capable to stand the loads (the pressure) which will be growing each month. Evgenia answered next: “I’m part of national team 12 years already. During all this time our main coach Irina Viner, my personal coach Vera Schtelbaums and our choreographer Irina Zenovka put so much in me (means they worked a lot with Zhenya * my note). Without them I wouldn’t have my great programs, I wouldn’t have my victories. I have wonderful parents and my life is wonderful.”

體操選手 Evgenia Kanaeva 贏得莫斯科大獎賽
中譯: Zoe Wan

奧運冠軍 Evgenia Kanaeva 贏得韻律體操大獎賽第一個分站賽個人全能競賽,比賽是在莫斯科的全能友誼運動廳進行 (Universal Sports Hall of Friendship)。Kanaeva以總分114.55奪冠。第二跟第三名分別是俄羅斯選手Daria Konadakova (111.45)跟Yana Lukonina (109.50)。


Evgenia Kanaeva不滿意自己的表現。她表示”我犯了很多小失誤,那些對於觀眾是小失誤,對於我卻是很大的錯誤。我是個極端追求完美的人,我希望每件事都能正確無誤。此外,這是賽季的第一場比賽,為了讓自己的新成套更完美,我跳過了在愛沙尼亞舉行的比賽 (Miss Valentine 2011)。我的教練 Vera Shtelbaums賽後說還有很多工作要做。對於我的表現有的她很滿意,有些則不。我想特別是球操,我得下更多功夫去練,它是非常困難的器械。” 被問到關於少年組選手水準的問題,Kanaeva回答說:”這些女孩是我們看著長大的,她們的時代很快就會到來,她們會像以前的一些選手一樣。Irina Tchachina跟Alina Kabaeva曾經在我眼前訓練,我們看著她們如何工作,她們付出了多少努力,這對我們是很好的模範。

對於奧運的展望,Kanavea現階段並沒有去想。”去倫敦之前,下一個大獎賽分站賽馬上就到了,我們從一個個巡迴賽中獲得積分。” 對於問到她如何應付隨著時間積累的巨大壓力時,Kanaeva接著回答: “我在國家代表隊已經待了12個年頭。這段期間我們的主教練 Irina Viner,我的個人教練 Vera Shtelbaums跟我的編舞師 Irina Zenovka 花費了很多時間與精力在我身上。沒有她們,就沒有我那些很棒的成套跟那些勝利。我有很棒的家人,我的生活很美好。”

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  1. Edit-10-Mar-2011
    Added Chinese transaltion! 加上中譯。

    @Laura: The photos are not clear, but I think the sleeves are different.

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks to Tatiana for the translation ^^
    Zoe, I think this leo is which Dasha Dmitrieva used last year for ribbon routine, but I’m not sure =D
    Congrants to Zhenya! She has starded the season with the victory! I’m so happy ;D

  3. Zhenya is just soooooo wonderful as always (L)(L)(L)

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