Zhenya new routines-2011!

Ladies and Gentlement!!! Here comes the Ribbon 2011 first!!!
Music: Chopin Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66

Horray!!!!!! Finally the New Routines!!!!!!!! Brilliant music choice!!!!!! Great choreography!!!!! Well done Zhenya!!!!!!!!!
讚讚讚,選曲太棒了!!!!!!!! 我喜歡這首音樂!!!! 編排也超讚的啊!!!! 隨著時間一定會做得很完美的!!!!
Upload for Chinese fans
On-line watching link:

New Clubs Routine!!!! Music: Borelo by Ravel

Amazing Amazing!!! Love her apparatus handling!!! from 1:08 till the end, so good and so  cool! I can’t just take my eyes away!!!
好棒啊!!! 這套編排更配音樂!!! 器械運用太精彩了!!! 1:08-結束一連串的器械動作跟交換手的拋接,超帥的!看的目不轉睛啊!!! 雖然結束時失手了,但還是做的很棒!!! 小兔寶加油!!!
Upload for Chinese fans:
On-line watching link:

New Ball Routine!!! Music: Soundtrack from “Dorian Gray”
(This movie is adapted from the novel of Oscar Wilde, and It’s Zhenya’s favorite book 🙂

2 big mistakes!!! but I love this routine and the music!!! It will become a masterpiece as time goes by!!!
2個大失誤,非常喜歡編排跟音樂!當然還有那非常搶眼球的墨綠色球球 😀 離GP Moscow還有時間,好好練! 小兔寶!!! 記得多多跟器械說話!!!
Upload for Chinese fans:
On-line watching link:

New Hoop Routine!!! Music: L’Ete Indien by Joe Dassin

Great @0:56!!! and 1:08 till the end!!!
Upload for Chinese fans
On-line watching link:

Here’s a news report of this event!
from this news video, you can see Zhenya did twice her routines! There was a clip that she catch her hoop in the end! 🙂 I hope someone will upload her 2nd times routines.

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15 Responses to Zhenya new routines-2011!

  1. Agreed with Ana and Tatiana! dark color leo for ball routine! I hope too!
    And Thank you Ana, for the suggestion of the book “The Picture of Dorian Gray” I will read it 🙂

    BTW, after following Zhenya for several years, I found her having a very good taste of the music choice! She is the best in this among all active Russian gymnasts IMO.

  2. Ana says:

    in my case I can´t take Bolero out of my head, neither the song nor the routine, I´m in loooooooove!♥

    Tatiana, I agree, I also hope Zhenya will have a leo with dark colours for her ball routine………(and for ribbon too, I think a black or passion red leo would suit the music perfectly)

    Zoe, Dorian Gray is a really good book, amazing reading, I think you´ll really like it

  3. ohhh My Dear Tatiana!!! I am totally the same with you, Hoop music is playing in my head for several days, and I have more and more love for this Hoop routine ♥♥♥

    I also love ball and clubs very much!!! like you said ball music sounds mysterious so as the routine, that green ball is just magic! It makes me wanna to see the movie “Dorian Gray” and to read the novel!

    The Clubs routine, Zhenya’s apparatus handling skill is incredible, her exchange of the use of the hands for clubs is so clear, defined and fluid! simply amazing and so cool!!! and almost every movement of Zhenya hit the beat of the music!

    BTW, I have uploaded Ribbon 2011 (full and cut version)+Ball 2011 music (full version) to my mediafire “Zhenya music” folder, check here

  4. Tatiana says:

    I can’t..i just can’t stop watching hoop routine and music is in my head playing non-stop!!
    um,, i also love ball routine and i wish Zhenya had leotard in dark colors cuz music sounds mysterious…

  5. http://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/hud_gimnastika/spbvideo_Zavershilsya-chempionat-Rossii?playeri=2
    from this news report, you can see Zhenya did twice her routines. There was a clip that she catched the hoop in the end 🙂 I hope someone will upload the her 2nd times’ routines videos!

    And another news report about Russia Youth Championship 2011 with short Zhenya’s interview (I upload to youtube)
    @1:01 Zhenya’s trademark pivot is so beautiful, almost quad (L) I think soon our little bunny will be in her best shape 🙂
    original video link

    Tatiana will translate to English later!

  6. Ana says:

    oh hell yeah!!!! that´s my girl!!!!

    really amazing set of routines, all complete, I´m incredibly impressed, she keepc innovating and innovating more and more her routines every year, we can definitely see she´s not resting on her comfort zone. that´s *effing* amazing!!!

    Olé,olé,olé!!!!! 😀

  7. paula says:


  8. Now! the last one-Hoop also come out!!!

  9. Laura says:

    Thanks you so much for sharing!
    WOW! I don’t know which routine I like more! Ball one is extremely difficult. What a pity the final throw. I don’t know what she tried to do, but it’s so difficult!
    About ribbon, like Tatania said, Zhenya won’t stop amazing us )) But I definitely chose clubs! No words to describe the amazing coreography, the amazing music and the gorgeous performance!

  10. cyrillim1001: 謝謝你糾正我, 球的音樂是電影原聲帶-“Dorian Gray”
    改編自Oscar Wilde的小說, 小兔寶18歲時曾在訪問中說過那是她最喜歡的書!!!

  11. Tatiana says:

    Zhenya will never stop amazing us!!!! Inimitable in beauty routines!!!!! Thank you sooo much for uploading, finally!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  12. cyrillim1001 says:

    Clubs 有很多創新的動作(尤其是用腳踢棒)我很喜歡~這個 Borelo 也是改編過的~和 Bessonova 2007 年 Ribbon 的不同~很好聽
    剩下 Hoop 了~

  13. now the new clubs & new ball routines come out!!!!!!!!! added the videos to the article!

  14. cyrillim1001 : YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I also almost burst to tears!!!!!!!!! 猛點頭!!!! 我也幾乎噴淚了啊啊啊
    有意思的是! 跟去年一樣是彩帶先出來 哈 😀 所以第二個會是Hoop嗎?! XD
    And interesting is same as last year, ribbon come out first!!!! so the second one will be Hoop?! XD

  15. cyrillim1001 says:

    謝謝你啊~ 🙂

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