Translation: News Report-Russia Youth Championship, Samara 2011

English translated by Tatiana (Many Many Thanks ♥♥♥ )

Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team (with its strongest members) participated  in Championship of Russia which was held in Samara. By the words of main coach Irina Viner these competition were the checkpoint for the recognized leaders before the Moscow Grand-Prix.

And, the center of attention, as always, was Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva.

0:33 Zhenya is to start hoop routine. “Olympic Champion, Absolute Champion of the World and Europe – Evgenia Kanaeva”

To create a video profile of Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva seems to be an easy task even for the beginner reporter.  So we go to the gym and immediate question follows: How to portray (capture) the one who is hiding from video camera? How precisely describe (to tell about) the one who runs away from reporters?

01:12 Evgenia Kanaeva: “I don’t like to be photographed or distracted somehow else during competition. I must stay concentrated on my routine, my performance ”

Well,  love can neither be bought nor sold. In order to create video profile we can only rely on video equipment and statements of people from RG world. So, how is she like, Evgenia Kanaeva? Breathly.

Aleksandra Soldatova: “Kind, self-confident, purposeful.”

Diana Borisova:”Smart, beautiful and kind”

Irina Viner: “This is a girl, (colon): who is absolutely deprived of (lack of) “celebrity disease”. It’s absent even in small amounts.  2nd: This is a gymnast who devotedly loves rhythmic gymnastics and understands that the most important in RG is hard working. And the 3rd: Zhenya Kanaeva must become 2 times Olympic Champion.”

The image is pretty positive and it’s naturally, over wise another gymnast would have won Olympic Gold.

Kanaeva is really concentrated during training, just exchanging short phrases sometimes with those around. She is training her body not tong. Well, sometimes she can joke around but breathly and when necessary.

Any try of camera operator to come closer finishes with the same phrase: “Don’t shoot, please!!”

New program, new feelings,  new emotions and new mistakes. Not everything goes smooth and Kanaeva doesn’t hide disappointment and seems to be angry (irritated). Even cheering up words of coach are left without attention.

One more observation: Kanaeva is capable of getting used to new conditions. She understood that camera  is not gonna let her alone. Now she is ironing ribbon without paying attention to the camera which is several centimeters away.

New program is given trial runs, autographs are given. So how is she like? To complete image it is necessary to ask the one who knows about herself more than others.

Evgenia Kanaeva: “Ummm… aaaaa… I guess, I’m inquisitive. I love working, and sometimes being lazy. Well, and self-critical”
And here’s another news report:

Added more photos from RUS Youth Championship Samara 2011 @my photobucket album, check here:
Russia Youth Championship 2011

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4 Responses to Translation: News Report-Russia Youth Championship, Samara 2011

  1. Anita: You’re welcome 🙂

    BTW, besides the “Little Bunny” clip, I found 1:04 is very interesting too, Zhenya took the blue basket trying to block the camera, hahaha sooo cute, I simply can’t stop loving HER (L)

  2. Anita says:

    Thank you so much for this precious article, she is very lovely!! I think that It’s very important for a sportsman be so positive and enthusiast like Zhenya. I wish her all the best in her life. And like Viner said I wish she could become for the second time Olympic champion (sorry for my english)
    P.S. Thank you so much also for all the photos!! =)

  3. Added more photos from RUS Youth Championship Samara 2011 @my photobucket album, check here:
    Russia Youth Championship Samara 2011

  4. Tatiana 🙂 Thank you very much!!! This is a very interesting report! ♥♥♥
    I am glad that Zhenya caught her hoop in the end of her hoop routine @2nd times practice. and in another video, she did a very good her trademark pivot, almost quad! May she overcome all difficulties and polish her routines in the future competitions!!!

    BTW, Zhenya is sooo cute and funny in this video when she used her clubs to imitate bunny ♥♥♥
    She is really my beloved 小兔寶 (little bunny)♥♥♥ It’s good to see her doing some relaxation in such tense atmosphere.

    小兔寶之名真不是白叫的啊 ^_^ 很高興看到她在緊張的氣氛中還是會適度的放鬆自己。

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